Simple steps to create an Autumnal cosy corner retreat

We’ve been looking at the new Autumn-Winter range from Fox & Ivy – Tesco’s own luxury brand of homewares and soft furnishings. They challenged us to pick just a couple of key ingredients to create an Autumnal Cosy Corner Retreat; the nook we all need in our homes, a quiet comfortable space to retreat to with a book and a mug of tea. Every family is busy, everyone has a bad day – and now more than ever before we’re all aware that a little ‘me’ time is an essential self care method for every member of the family. You don’t want to retreat to bed. You may not be able or inclined to go out for a walk – sometimes you just need to retreat and be quiet for a while. And with alittle planning andf forethought, your cosy corner can become part of a winding down ritual that you – and your whole family – will come to cherish.
There’s no need for big budget spending or redecorating – just a few items can create all the cosiness your corner may need. I headed straight to my local Tesco Extra…

This is a paid collaboration with Tesco, who have compensated me for sharing with you the new season’s range. All product choices, opinions, reviews and photography are my own. Also contains affiliate links.

See, there are just a few key ingredients for a cosy corner. Get the details right, and you’ll find even the teens will come settle down for an hour.
No big themes – simply bring some cosy welcoming warmth, a small oasis of comfort and calm. ‘Simple’ is the key phrase here – think soft, think warm, think quet.

Set the Scene – think soft, think warm, think quet.

So how did we do on our cosy corner retreat?

cosy corner retreat
A cosy corner retreat with just a few simple accessories

The Cushion.

What a beauty that Jumbo Cord Cushion is. The ochre colour is warm and inviting, a soft autumnal gold that just asks you to go and stroke it. It may be ridged, but this is no corduroy – the ridges are velveteen soft, and the size is big enough to fill the chair with you and make you feel as though you’re curled up in a hug. And the bonus? It’s £7. SEVEN POUNDS. Sold.
(and we’re going back for me – the teens all want one for reading in bed, and this one’s not going anywhere, I love the way it looks in the grey tartan!)


The absolute key ingredient for a cosy corner retreat. Never forget that you don’t need to be chilly to use one – simply having a soft gentle throw tucked around you instantly makes you feel better. Nurtured and safe and at rest.
We have a pile of soft throws for family movie nights, and I’ve now added to them with this grey ‘Faux Fur Throw’. At first glance I thought it was simply a soft grey fleece – but when I opened up the rolled throw at home I realised it was much more; slightly smaller, but far more substantial than I had anticipated. Which means it’s all the better for a quiet hour in an armchair. It’s silky soft, and unlike a fleece it has enough heft that you can feel it laying upon you. I defy you not to stroke it every time you pass. And at just £15, it’s a steal.

Perfect throw for an autumnal cosy corner retreat
Tesco Faux Fur Throw Grey – £15

The Mug

Of course there will be days when perched beside your chair will be a large glass of wine/gin/cocktail of choice. but for most quiet retreats into a cosy corner, a steaming mug of something hot is what you need. And don’t dismiss the ritual here. Have a special mug – signal your brain that when this mug comes out of the cupboard, you are settling down now. It’s amazing how the small cues work.

This mug is a joy – it’s beautiful in the hand, smooth and perfectly weighted. Those vintage retro stripes are cheerful yet quiet and soothing (you don’t need that hilarious slogan mug or the splashy ‘fun’ cartoons when it’s wind down time) and I can personally promise it’s just lovely to drink from.
It’s the Tesco Rustic Striped Mug and it’s just £2.00.

The Extras

If you’re settling down into your cosy corner retreat, then never skimp on the detail. Again – it’s all in the soothing ritual. Firstly, make the room smell nice, and light at least one candle.

Tesco Scented 90ml Reed Diffuser – Vanilla & Honey £4

We used the Scented 30ml Reed Diffuser in Vanilla & Honey – subtly warm, comforting scents – and alongside it we lit a jar candle in the same scent, plus an array of small tealights with a faint spiced berry and apple scent. The room smelled wonderful; everyone coming in simply paused and breathed a little deeper.

Plus do not forget a nibble bowl. You may not be hungry, but you don’t want to be driven from your chair when you are. And a nice bowl with nibbles feels decadent and spoiling – just what your cosy corner retreat needs.

If there are no biscuits or nuts in the cupboard, then always keep some popcorn kernels on stand by – it’s an instant and delicious snack (if you’re feeling wild, see the recipe for the crunchy butterscotch popcorn we make here).

Pog the Bengal Cat in a cosy corner retreat
Pog approves of cosy.


The Autumn/Winter 2021 products featured are all available in stores, subject to availability. Some of the smaller products are available online with your grocery shopping, and the rest can be found in selected Superstores and Extras, subject to availability.

Firelit cosy corner retreat scene with Bengal cat

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