Silver Cross Explorer Sport Car Seat Review

The Explorer Sport is a stylish looking car seat which was an important step up for my daughter – she had outgrown her Group 1 seat, and we needed something bigger (she was very happy to have one that looked more like her big brothers!) It had been slightly tricky to find a good car seat for her as she is small for her age (Note from Laura – car seat groups should always be measured by weight NOT age, so be patient like Nina and don’t presume your child must be moved up until they are actually ‘big’ enough, not just ‘old’ enough) –  and this one was suitable for a wide range of ages and sizes so was perfect. The instructions were slightly daunting at first, but generally well laid out and explained in detail. There was some really useful general information about car seats, and then the specifics to the Explorer Sport.

Firstly, as well as looking stylish, the seat is clearly comfortable and well padded. It felt solid and safe – although it is heavy to carry so you could do without constantly switching it between cars. There are some really good fitting features on the seat and suggestions to making fitting it into the car easier, like reclining the seat to make more room at the back so your hand doesn’t get stuck (that’s happened to me with other seats!). The booklet claims to have 5 reclining positions but the difference is not huge – almost upright to slightly reclining. This didn’t bother me as the position of the seat felt safe and secure anyway. The straps are easy and quick to adjust for those times when your child switches between a thick coat or no coat at all and minor adjustments need to be made. The headrest is adjusted with ‘wheels’ at the sides and moves smoothly; I really liked this feature.

Once fitted into the car the chair felt very secure and my daughter was very happy. It does take up a bit more room than some other seats as it is quite wide, but I trust it completely, and feel it is a worthwhile investment. As my daughter has grown I have taken off the 5-way harness and use it with the car seat belt across it instead. It is clear the build quality is excellent, and the seat will last for as long as my daughter fits in it!

Lastly – cleaning the seat isn’t a problem. Like most modern seats, it’s a jigsaw of pieces which – if you concentrate when you remove them – can be replaced with ease!


Sadly no longer available but other car seats by Silver cross can be found here on their website

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