Silver Cross Classic Sleepover Pram – What WE Say…

The Silver Cross Sleepover is a lot of pram for a fair amount of money.

For the first few months of Joe’s life, we used it as an alternative to a crib (and an alternative to his hammock, which sometimes – for no apparent reason – he wouldn’t settle in). We used it with the rocking stand, but didn’t actually bother with the rocker (you can set it to static) because the rocking motion is minimal and made a bit of a thunk, which wasn’t all that comforting. Joe seemed to love it, though, and it looked great.

Once Joe was a bit bigger, we started to use the pram. The first thing to say is that it’s very impressive-looking. I felt proud pushing it, like a Victorian nanny. The hood is large and can be pulled low enough to keep almost all sun off the baby’s face. The main problem we found was that both the body and the chassis (I had the ‘classic’ are very big and wouldn’t fit in the boot of our smaller car at all (it is very small though, so we weren’t that surprised). What did surprise us was that it pretty much filled the boot of our bigger car. We’d planned to take it on holiday (since Joe would be able to sleep in it at night too), but once we’d put it in the boot, there was no room for our suitcases.

The pram is very easy to put up and down and fairly simple, if a little fiddly, to change the covers, whether that be for washing or to convert from pram to crib.

We’re now using it as a pushchair and Joe and I both love it – it’s roomy, comfortable, and easy to use – but, again, we can only use it for local walks, since it won’t fit in the car.

All-in-all, it’s an impressively versatile pram, and I love the sleepover system – but if you intend to use it with a car  then I would investigate the Linear chassis as probably the better option.

Sadly no longer available, but of course Silver Cross do… exist that is and so does their lovely website with lots more yummy choice for you to lose yoursef in.

Author: Laura

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