Silver Cross Buggy Organiser review

This is a new offering from Silver Cross, and is the step past the big ole changing bag. There comes a point when you have a running around toddler who is almost out of nappies and your baby-bag needs change. No longer do you need a bag that comes with 6,432 pockets and a kitchen sink as standard. But you do often need more a little more than a grown up’s handbag (remember them? I have fond hazy memories of half-empty bags and not a lego brick or stale raisin in sight).

The Buggy Organiser fills that gap perfectly. I wasn’t sure when I first saw it – a bag made of neoprene? And how would I fit in all the ‘stuff’? But of course as it was on review I had to actually use it and try it out. So I did what any sensible Mumma does with a new bag – I filled it.

There is a great storage area for nappies/wipes/sacks. A bottle holder (big enough for a toddler sized bucket) and a couple of handy small pockets. Plenty of room for phone/keys/wallet/lippy and MP3. When you undo the bag, you have an instant change mat which is actually wide enough for a toddler bottom. Best of all, I can hang the fully loaded bag on the back of my ultra light kick-up umbrella stroller. When it has no child in it. And it doesn’t tip! I can now hang the bag on the stroller before I get Pink out of the car – and when I turn to put her in it, the pushchair isn’t lying on its back on the pavement (familiar with that dance?).

The lightweight flat design is perfect for strollers – although designed by and for Silver Cross, it will fit any pushchair. I keep mine fully loaded in the car and simply slip it on the buggy when necessary – I wouldn’t be without it now!

Author: Laura

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