Seagate’s ‘Portable Wireless Plus’ Media Drive – perfect for travelling

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I know, looks a bit… dull, doesn’t it? But stick with me – the Seagate Portable Wireless Plus Media drive is an external hard drive – with a genius twist which makes it not-dull-at-all.

Yes, it has a terabyte of memory, which is HUGE – and yet it fits in the palm of your hand. And we all know (*stern bossy face*) how important it is to have an extra hard drive to back up all your essential documents, old emails and that archive of ten years’ worth of photographs, right?

Of course.

And the Portable Wireless Plus does a fine and reliable and whizzy job of that. It does.
The joy of this drive is what else it does.
What sets it apart is the fact that this pretty little box can create its OWN wireless network.

So store all your movies on it, and take it with you. It doesn’t matter where you are, or what signal you receive – as long as you have downloaded the app onto your android or apple phone or tablet, you can stream directly to your device in crisp quality, with absolutely none of the usual lag in streaming movies or videos.

On top of which, there’s a 10 hour battery life; trust me, this thing is perfect for taking on long journeys or holidays. It fits in the palm of your hand and the build quality feels fantastic, it’s a sturdy little box that we just wouldn’t go on holiday without.

The app has a nice layout to it, allowing you to scroll through hundreds of movies or videos, or even pictures – it is sleek and easy to navigate.
We LOVE this product! We tested it out on a 2 week trip to Wales, in which the 15yr old managed to stream a number of exceedingly long movies in HD both in the car and in the early mornings in our Wi-Fi-less cottage.

The brilliant thing for  us was that in the car, we could stream up to 3 different HD movies to three devices at the same time (you can stream photos, songs and documents to up to eight devices), so the 15yr old didn’t have to watch something suitable for a 6yr old – he got to watch Gladiator while she was watching Lion King!
He was absolutely made up with the quality and speed, and the fact that it was quite literally plug and play.
Obviously you’ll need to plan ahead and store your own movies on there (it will take around 500 films…), but what a great place to keep them as a back-up anyway. This is a fantastic product, and well worth picking up; whether you like to travel, or just like to watch things around the house – this hard drive ticks all the boxes.

  • Wirelessly stream your media and files to tablets, smartphones, Mac® computers and PCs
  • Carry 500+ films or thousands of songs, photos and documents
  • Free Seagate Media app for iPad®, iPhone®, Kindle Fire and Android® devices
  • Share up to different HD films with 3 devices at the same time
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life*

Best price we found was actually at Argos, where the Seagate Portable Wireless Plus 1TB Portable Hard Drive is reduced from £170 to £140.

Author: Laura

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