Samsonite Blossom Slouch Changing Bag Review

Ok. I hate to keep banging on about it, but it’s six years since my last baby… six years ago the only changing bags around were either a black shoulder bag or rucksack, or a shoulder bag in various hideous baby prints such as teddies or jungle animals. I’m sure some women are happy to tote these around on themselves but I’m not one of them.

Then along came baby number 3 and wow, in the intervening six years a changing bag revolution had occurred (or perhaps I just get out more these days)! Now there are stylish bags in every design shape and colour. The Samsonite is one of them.

So what makes it better than every other bag on the market? Well I obviously haven’t tried every other bag on the market but after using this one I don’t want or need to. Firstly it’s huge. Fantastic. I need the room for all those baby essentials – which have also grown after six years. Plus my own ‘stuff’’ – phone, purse, keys. The bag is full of compartments and pockets for all my grown up stuff, and also has an insulated bottle holder. It looks great, in ‘Cherry Blossom’ print which is stylish but not too girly, even hubby doesn’t mind carrying it around.

I love the fact that its stain proof and easy to just wipe clean, the inside and the changing mat are also anti-bacterial – extra peace of mind there. The changing mat has an integral padded pillow which I was Very Impressed by for my little VIP baby! The only downside I can think of is that the bag has two special pram handles which I can’t see staying attached very long as they aren’t that secure, and the material that the strap is made from is already flaking a bit where it meets the bag.

I think the Samsonite bag is expensive for a changing bag, although good value especially compared to some bags I’ve seen. It’s also my handbag for the next 3 or 4 years if it lasts that long, so in my opinion well worth it.

The Blossom Slouch Change Bag is available at Amazon for £19.99

(Review by Pol)

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