Rockin baby pouch

Baby pouches… well. I had used the wilkinet with Boy & Jolly (but the straps ARE a faff). Katy didn’t like slings at ALL, was mildly converted by the wilkinet – but still preferred to pop Ben in the pushchair; him being a big ole bouncing boy she still found him a little heavy while she was walking the nursery run.

Then Sandra at SaSaSlings sent us a Rockin’ Baby Pouch to try out. With a spirit of willingness, but really not convinced, I agreed, and waited for it to land on the doormat.

First impressions were great. The packaging is funky, and the sling itself was beautifully made from gorgeous fabric. The instructions were clear and simple (pretty much bung the sling on, plop the baby in and you’re away), with great diagrams. So I gave it a test run the very next day – the toughest test I could think of. The School Run.

You know how it is. You manage to co-ordinate 3 boys into their uniforms, get them plus the baby into the car with 3 lunchboxes, homework, swimming kit, show-and-tell item, coats (bloody weather) and hats.

You end up leaving 5 minutes later than you really need to, then hit the slow drivers and traffic lights (or tractors in my case) on the way, and you’re running even later by the time you get to school. But if you hurry you might just make it for the Wake and Shake.

Now you have the choice – haul the pushchair out the boot, remove baby from car, strap into pushchair, co-erce other children out of the car and then push the pushchair one-handed whilst carrying rogue lunchbox/kit/small unwilling child with the other.

Or you carry the baby, juggling her with the aforementioned items.

But this time I had my Rockin’ Baby Pouch at the ready. In the time it took for all the boys to exit the car, I had Pink in the pouch and ready to go. And best of all – I had two hands free! Really!

She was secure, comfortable – and smiling like mad, she just loved it.

So – the technical bit. There’s loads of info on the web on the benefits of ‘baby wearing’ (using a sling to you and me), and almost as many types of sling. Thats where SaSa Slings excel – I spoke with Sandra, told her exactly how/where I’d use the sling, and she knew which one would work for me. Sandra is passionate about sling wearing, knows her products inside and out – it’s a font of knowledge which I’d advise you to make use of.

The Rockin Baby Pouch itself is handmade by a Mum somewhere in LA – the company only use local wahm’s to make their products. It’s kind of nice knowing that what you are wearing was made personally by someone, another Mum just like you. The choice of fabrics is amazing, they are reversible with one plain/one pattern side so your man can easily wear them too, and the padded rail that sits under your baby’s legs is a stroke of genius.

Oh, I can’t tell you how amazing this pouch is. Actually, I can. It’s so good, Katy and I have BOTH ordered one.

we really did love the Rockin Baby Pouches THAT much – this is me, sporting my very own rockin baby pouch.

Perfect, it is. The baby girl’s not bad either…

Author: Laura

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