Zinc Outbreak Scooter review – Best stunt scooter for under £65!

LittleStuff and the Zinc Outbreak Scooter review.

zinc outbrake scooter review

zinc outbrake scooter

We love scooters – we do. The skateboarding thing never really hit my boys. But my boys all like a nice safe handle bar to grab hold of as they steam up the half pipes.
(I’m not too sorry about that, actually…)

Hurtling round the halfpipes

But as scooters have generally caught on in the UK and become absolutely okay to be seen hurtling around the half-pipes on, there has hit a bit of an issue. Because little people like to scoot along the road on their scooter. And that’s fun and fine and dandy for them.
But bigger people want something more than blue plastic and shiny tassels.
They want a wicked looking scooter that does scary stuff that makes their Mum squeak while she’s trying to ignore them at the park.

Stalls and Tails Whips

They want to do STUNTS. They’ll chatter excitedly about how they’ve mastered the Hops and Ollies, 180?s, Stalls and maybe even the Tail Whip. Uh huh.

You just can’t do that stuff on the scooter they zipped about on when they were 6.
No. They need a ‘proper’ scooter. One that turns 360 degrees to allow the tail whips. One that’s strong enough to not buckle when it lands after beeing hurtled off the top of the ramp. One, in short, which is designed for the job in hand.

There are a few on the market now, but they do tend to be pricey – over £100 for something that’s going to get scratched and battered and hurled around quite maliciously on Very hard Surfaces.


zinc outbreak scooter review

zinc outbreak scooter

But then we were asked to perform a Zinc Outbreak scooter review. I happily agreed, and handed it over to the 10yr old. Who immediately disappeared into the middle distance. I’m banned from showing pictures if him on  the scooter – I promised, so I can’t. But the verdict was in very fast – he LOVES it.

The low down

The handles are good solid rubber grips – essential for extended riding periods, and for grabbing in mid-air.
Like all good stunt scooters, the front stem is one solid piece – which make sit a solid, safer ride. The whole thing is also made of reinforced aircraft graded aluminium, which is also reassuring on the will-it-buckle front.

The wheels have a metal core, and maintain a solid smooth speedy run that can be relied on as you chase the perfect ollie, and the Zinc Outbreak also comes equipped with two stunt pegs, too.
But the 10yr old isn’t too concerned about the techinicalities of the build, if I’m honest (the wise and aged 14yr old was the one who pointed all that stuff out to me, with a most approving tone of voice that can only mean Good Things).
No, he’s interested in two things:
Does it go fast? Yes. Yes it does.
And does it look cool? Well, clearly, being a parent I have no authority on this issue. But judging by the number of ‘big kids’ *adopts awed, proud face* who stop him at the park and say “like the scooter!”, then he’s doing alright.

In short

In short, through the  Zinc Outbreak Scooter review we found it’s everything you need from a genuinely designed stunt scooter. Only it’s not over £100. In fact you can lay your hands on the latest Zinc Outbreak on Amazon for under £75.
We suggest you go nab one, and stash it in the back of a cupboard – the dudes in the house will LOVE it for Christmas!

If stunt Scooters aren’t your thing however, have you ever thought about an electric scooter!


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  1. Thanks for the review. I have zero clues about scooters and my 6 year old has declared his scooter lame and needs a cool one for stunts. So super happy to find your review. Many many thanks

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