Review: The Petite Star Bubble. Yes – THAT Njoy stroller.


petite star bubble review

Have you seen it yet? The Petite Star Njoy Bubble is creating a bit of a storm in certain stroller circles… and we were dead excited to be one of the first in the UK to be asked to review the award winning stroller. Well, when I say ‘we’, I don’t actually mean me. Clearly my brood are too old for a stroller now, so I had to fight off offers asked one of the review team to do the honours for me. Here’s how Lou got on:

B is 5mths old now, and whilst we love the big travel system we panic-bought when I was pregnant, we’re already finding it’s just a little bit too big and bulky for just ‘nipping out’. I was a at friends house recently and she has a Maclaren kick-up stroller – what an eye-opener that was. So simple! So nippy! So LIGHT!

So I was really excited to try out the new Bubble and see what the fuss was about (kind of cool being one of the first in the UK to have one, too ;) )

Obviously, this is a stroller sold on its oh-so-special extra feature, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

First – first impressions. It’s GREAT. More solid than your usual kick-up (or umbrella-folding) stroller, and yet much lighter than my big travel system. Handle height is great (I’m 5’10” and it’s comfortable for both me and my husband). ‘Driving’ is easy – it’s really slick on the swivel wheels, and kerbs, potholes and short grass haven’t posed any issues.

And so – the seat. Oh, the seat. I LOVE that it is both front and rear facing! Facing out for seeing and chatting and pointing and exploring. Facing me when it’s nap time, or it’s been an iffy morning and we both just feel like seeing each other.

petite star njoy bubble review

To switch between the two is a 2 second job – the back just flips over, and hey presto, you’re good to go again. You’ll want to remove your child first though – they don’t fold up THAT small.

The seat is soft and cosy, the footrest sits up so there’s no foot-dangle while they’re legs are too short to bend over it at the knee, the hood is massive and can close right over a sleeping baby, which is great. The seat sits beautifully upright which I love – but also lies flat too, which is essential (and properly flat, not the pretend 30 degree flat that you get with a lot of strollers) for napping.

Honestly – I LOVE this stroller. I can see us never needing another as it will take B right though to the point that he’s running into nursery without me (*sob*). It folds so small it will be practical for travelling, fits in any car boot, and yet is solid enough to withstand the next few years without falling apart. Brilliant.

My only gripe? It still suffers form the same uselessly-small shopping basket that all umbrella folds seem to, which is impossible to access when the stroller is reclined. Fix THAT and you get a Proper Genius sticker, Petite Star…

Available from most high street retailers, the Petite Star Njoy Bubble comes in purple and silver, and can be yours for £200.





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