Review: Nescafe Dulce Gusto Genio Coffee machine *swoon*

nescafe dulce gusto Genio coffee machine

I do love a good cup of coffee.

And possibly – possibly – I love a good cup of Hot chocolate even more.

So when my very favourite lovely lady in the world asked me if I’d like to review the new Genio machine in the Nescafe Dulce Gusto range? I may have snapped her hand off a little.

I’ve not had much luck with coffee machines – the filter machines are too bulky, The pod machine wouldn’t ever make a decent cup of coffee, the clever whizz bang forth yer-milk-cappuccino machine was so fiddly that by the time you’d made the 2nd cup the first had gone cold…

But hey – I’m ever the optimist, and any machine that can sit on my work surface and look like a friendly robot is all right by me, whetehr it is making me coffee or not.

A friendly robot that makes a perfect latte, capuccino, espresso, iced tea, hot chocolate, cold milkshake or Caramel Latte Macchiatto? I may just pat it lovingly on the head when I get up in the mornings.

honestly. I LOVE my Genio machine!

Made by DeLonghi, you know it’s well built just by the feel. But as you use it the more you appreciate the design – the adjustable drip tray to allow for bigger mugs for the two-pod drinks, the easy clean up, the speedy response time to make making two cups of HOT coffee possible, the super easy wipe-it-down-ness of it. Lovely.

Yes, instant coffee is cheaper. But if you’re the person who’d rather stop on your way home from the school run to buy a coffee shop coffee – get this. It’s as good. And has infinitely more variety at your fingertips.

Believe it or not it does the most amazing cold drinks too – there’s seriously creamy chilled nesquik milkshake for the children, but no one but ME gets to lap up the Iced Peach Tea.

The espresso is eyeball-popping good, the hot chocolate is amazeballs, and did I mention the Caramel Latte Macchiatto already? *swoons*

If you’re in the market for a coffee machine? Buy this one. It’s good. Very very good.


Author: Laura

A 70's child, I’ve been married for a Very Long Time, and appear to have made four children, and collected one large and useless dog along the way. I work, I have four children, I have a dog… ergo, I do not do dusting or ironing. I began LittleStuff back in (gulp) 2004. I like huge mugs of tea. And Coffee. And Cake. And a steaming cone of crispy fresh fluffy chips, smothered in salt and vinegar. #healthyeater When I grow up I am going to be quietly graceful, organised and wear lipstick every day. In the meantime I *may* have a slight butterfly-brain issue.

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  1. Are you looking for a coffee machine? The Dulce Gusto Genio Coffee machine is a bit *swoon* #review

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  2. I bought my Genio online from this website not that long ago.

    I so far cannot fail the machine or the Dolce Gusto pods at all. Have you tried the Latte Macchiato Vanilla, it’s toooo good to be true!

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