Review of the Graco Evo XT – one rather fabulous stroller #GenerationGraco

Last in our #GenerationGraco series is a review of the Graco Evo XT – a fabulously sturdy pushchair that appears to be perfectly suited to our rural lifestyle.

Once unpacked, clipping the axle, wheels and basket into place was a doddle, and we were literally ready to roll within minutes. Even with all the fab pushchair testing we’ve done recently, this one created an immediate impressed face. It looks great, of course, but more importantly it feels really solid and sturdy – certainly ready for  a hefty toddler resisting the pushchair straps.

The Graco Evo XT is actually now my top choice for any parent who enjoys and active outdoors lifestyle – (the first clue is in the mudguards, I think!). I’ve been a total fan of proper rubber tyres since we had our first all terrain pushchair some 15yrs ago, and they never fail to impress. the one thing you ave to watch out for is punctures, obviously, but Graco even thought of that with their puncture-resistant tyres. To aid the ride in the great outdoors there’s a decent tread for good grip on the mud and sand, and suspension on all the wheels.

Now – I know I’ve said it before (and I’ll no doubt say it again), but the shopping basket is an often-overlooked design feature by new parents. Trust me when I say you want a big basket. And the Graco Evo XT has a huge basket – probably the biggest basket you’ll see on a pushchair (and my oldest Graco pushchair had a basket large enough for the toddler to curl up in when I wasn’t looking and steal a ride…).

If you just remember this pushchair is designed to keep you outdoors

you’ll understand every design feature you come across.  The loo-o-ong wheelbase (not too long to be tricky to handle through the shops, but it definitely adds stability over rough ground), the brilliantly encompassing raincover AND snuggly soft footmuff that come as standard, those mudguards, the huge swivel wheels which lock for easy traversing of rough ground… it’s all there and you’ll bless it more every time you use it and discover yet another thing it can do without thinking about it.

Having an adjustable handle height is also a great feature – not so much for me personally as I’m 6′ tall, and we don’t need to move it much between parental pushing swaps. But my 5’2″ sister married a 6’2″ man, and he would always get hideous backache when pushing a pushchair at a perfect height for her.

As I’ve come to expect from the new Graco designs, the folding system is a slippery smooth one handed maneouvre of joy. It’s relatively bulky even when collapsed, but should fit in most car boots.

Okay, nitty gritty bits you need to know about the Graco Evo XT :

  • Suitable from newborn as it fully reclines – and even without a carrycot, the seat alone is certainly enough to keep a tiny baby safe and cosy.
  • can be used both forward facing and rear facing
  • You can use it as a travel system if you purchase the Graco XT carrycot and/or the Graco Snugsafe car seat

In short, we love this big sturdy stroller. It handles beautifully, like one much smaller and lighter, and yet has all the features that mean it’s up to withstanding a tough outdoors life. It will look after your new baby, and yet will still be a perfect place to rest for a bumptious toddler who just can’t quite manage the last mile home – meaning it’s a perfect one-buy pushchair to see your baby all the way through to pre-school.

The Graco Evo XT pushchair can be bought at Mothercare for a snip under £400 currently – and for us, as an investment in the next 5 years of pushing, it’s worth every penny.


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