Review: bloom’s coco go Baby Seat/rocker

coco go baby seat by bloom

If there’s one thing that pleases me very much indeed it is products designed really well for babies. And my cup runneth over when those self same uber-practical products are incredibly easy on the eye. The Pretty’s no good without the practical to back it up, is it?

So when those clever chaps at bloom decided to create a new rocker, I was agog.

And just LOOK what they came up with!

*stands back to allow the beauty to float around you*

Now, I don’t have a baby of suitable age – much as my 5yr old would have happily tried to squeeze her lanky legs in, twouldn’t have been much good for review purposes. Or keeping-the-rocker-in-one-piece purposes either, come to that.

So I passed the coco go rocker onto a dear friend of mine with a 4 mth old baby boy, who seemed like a better reviewer than my own baby elephants.

Here’s what she had to say…

B has reflux, and really is only comfortable when he’s being held. Much as I love him, there are times when I do want to just put him down (please let me put him down…). But so far nothing has settled him except another human bean; so I agreed to try the coco go with faint hopes, really. But Laura had been full of praise over a vibrating seat that let her own reflux-baby sleep, and I thought it was worth a try.

Well. Firstly – what a seat! Never mind the baby – I wanted to climb in this thing myself when I had it unpacked. Putting it together was a snip, and the fabric is so soft and padded and cosy (we had the ‘beach white’ version, which to my uneducated eyes frankly looked like a pretty grey to me) that I couldn’t imagine NOT wanting to be in it!

Astoundingly, placing B in it in the lie-flat position (it’s adjustable to 3 positions; fully lie-flat, reclined & upright), he seemed to agree. Certainly there were no complaints… so I tried turning the vibrate on. B loved it! I could practically see him quiver with an “oh, that’s NICE!” look, and within 10 minutes he was asleep!

I cannot tell you what a weird joy this was – he NEVER falls asleep on his own!

We’ve had it a while now, and I can honestly say I wonder what I did without it. B loves to sit and watch what’s going on around him, and has figured out a great leg kick movement which means he actually rocks himself in it. And if he’s fretful I know that I can lie it flat, turn on the vibration, and he’ll very quickly drift off to sleep.

(best of all, it’s so gorgeous to look at it has pride of place in the sitting room! Everyone comments on it… please can there be a parents model so we can all rock gently together?)

The quality is excellent (as you’d expect from bloom), the cover is fully machine washable, and I love the fact that the designers have thought about the fact you don’t always stay at home (and when you have one of these chairs you can’t imagine going away and leaving it behind, trust me) so it folds flat and comes with it’s own carry case. Brilliant.
I can see this lasting way beyond B – inherited by friends babies, and no doubt coming home to host some grandchildren in the future. Yes. It’s THAT beautiful.

The coco go from bloom is available from John Lewis (and lots of other stores – we just like shopping there!) for £140

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  1. We were bought a bloom rocker for our first by a friend and it really is a beautiful piece of furniture. I wonder if this one is better though as the one we had was a bit rigid and by the time mine were really comfortable in it they were moving under their own steam and less keen to be sat in the chair… We had this one…

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