Red Leather Mary Janes. Girl Shoe Heaven

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Recently we were asked to review some school shoes for Start Rite. No problemo – with four children, keeping up with school shoes is a perennial issue. No the problem came when I forgot it was the daughter who needed new shoes. The daughter who apparently has an inbuilt genetic attraction for shoe shopping.

Seriously – it took us AGES to get to the practical black ones, because we just happened across these little flashes of loveliness…girls red leather mary jane shoe

Honestly. Mrs Start Rite, what were you thinking? Having lush RED shoes that are actually called Ella was NOT helpful.
How am I supposed to argue with “…but they have my NAME on them! They’re MINE! Pleeeeease may I have red shoes? PLEE_E_E_EASE????

And in all honesty, I had huge sympathy for her – I ALWAYS wanted red shoes when I was little (who am I kidding? I want red shoes NOW!).

So imagine the leap-up-and-down joy when the school shoes arrived – and tucked inside the parcel were the very self same Red Shoes she had yearned for (BIG kisses for the oh-so-lovely Melanie from Start-Rite. And Tip Top Shiny PR marks too…).
Red shoes. Oh the delirious joy.
But on a dull-but-practical note.. when on earth woudl she wear them?


When would she not?

The picture at the top was taken in Bordeaux – perfect for city exploring on a hot summers day, and making the cool whiteness of the outfit just that bit more fun.

start rite Ella red shoes  review

They were also the perfect shoes to go with denim shorts – practical enough for a Roman Baths tour, pretty enough to keep the girl happy.

Because they’re leather, after she had worn them a few times with socks they were comfortable with barefeet inside them – which is good, because getting the girl in socks in the summer is a road to nowhere, in all honesty. They never rubbed, and the velcro fastening meant they were a snap for her to get on and off in double quick time.

In particular I love the fact that they are dyed-through, so even if she scuffs them, they stay red. Now that, right there, is a piece of Start Rite genius.

red mary janes


Practical AND Pretty.
And yes – now they really ARE hers.

Red Leather Ella shoes are available direct from the Start Rite website – and have now been reduced from £36 to just £22!


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  1. oooh! Remember the deliciously red girls shoes we reviewed for StartriteShoes ? They’ve only been reduced! LOOK!

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