Razer Nabu, the wearable smartband that understands you by being with you.

A recent announcement by Razer has opened a gateway that I think all the major game developers are going to rush headlong through. We all know that a large portion of the gaming market is aimed at kids – and the chief buyer of those games is us parents.
And what’s our biggest beef with video games?
The fact that a child wants to be closeted up in a darkened room to play them all summer!

But Razer, a world leader in connected devices and software for gamers, has announced that Tencent, one of the world’s largest gaming companies, will be integrating their mobile games with the Nabu, the world’s first truly social smartband with smartwatch and fitness band capabilities.
(just as an aside – never mind the new gaming thing, the Nabu looks AWESOME! Go look at the clever little widgety gadget. I *want*)


The integration between the Nabu and Timi Run Everyday is a world’s first for a mobile game and a wearable.  It allows Timi Run Everyday players to utilize their Nabus to convert their number of steps walked, calories burnt, and hours slept logged by the device into in-game rewards like gold or items.  This is a revolution in mobile gaming and wearable technology that marries real life interactions with in-game rewards.

Which as any parent will immediately grasp means that their child can earn in-game points by getting out and have real-life-fresh-air fun. And an early night. Brilliant!

Timi Run Everyday is a side-scrolling platformer that sees players leap and dodge obstacles and enemies.

Dan Brody, Vice President Tencent Games Business: “Timi Run Everyday and Nabu will encourage more of our fans to keep fit in their daily lives, and be rewarded for it in their favorite game. The Tencent and Razer collaboration will certainly bring more exciting experiences as we explore more interesting and meaningful methods to integrate mobile games with Nabu.”

Fans of Timi Run Everyday and Nabu will be able to purchase a limited co-branded edition Nabu at launch, as well as earn exclusive in-game rewards with each purchase. For more information on the Timi Run Everyday-Nabu collaboration, you can watch here (careful though – you might just fall in love with the Nabu…)

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