Razer BlackShark – Father’s Day Gift Guide


Now here’s something to get his pulse racing next Sunday. How about a shiny new, achingly cool Gaming Headset from Razer?

The BlackShark is an analogue gaming headset made by our favourite gaming accessories company – Razer. Starting with the way it looks – it looks fantastic (in a gamer geek kind of way, obviously…)! Inspired by aviator headsets worn by attack helicopter pilots, no Dad could feel sad with these strapped round their ears could they?
The green cables and ear pads add some funky fun, while the chrome supports set the headset apoart from the grown ups.
The mic itself has crystal clear quality ( thoroughly tested on long Skype calls whilst playing League Of Legends…), and comes on a handy adjustable “arm” so no matter where you prefer you mic, there is a position available for it, whether that is actually in your mouth (not recommended) or behind your head (equally not recommended).

The comfort is fantastic – up until this point my teen gamer chief reviewer has been using the Razer Kraken – which are amazingly comfortable too, but the ear cups sit on his ears, whereas the BlackShark cups round them. This removes the earache risk he suffered from on long sessions. While he declares this may just be down to his abnormal ear size (they’re not), I suspect that the Blackshark is simply a better fit for adult-sized gamers.

“They Provide the same level of comfort needed to endure extended mission times and superior sound isolation for absolute command-clarity in the most frenzied situations” (Razer)

This quote may sound a little extreme to any non-gamers buying this but according to my own teen gamer then this is just what you need;
“playing a LoL (League of Legends) marathon for a whole day and night (hopes mum doesn’t see the time played stat) it’s comforting to know that your ears are in good hands through the entire experience”

The Razer BlackShark also sport fantastically tough cables which, although they frequently get caught in my desk chairs wheels (*sigh* bane of my existence) have not once let me down, but look the same as when they did new. The price may seem a little high to some of you at around £90, but that really isn’t expensive as far as headsets are concerned, and this one  gives you more value for money than some that you’ll pay £220 for!

We found the Razer Blackshark available on Amazon


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