Rather Large Cracker from Hotel Chocolat #ChristmasGiftGuide

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, mmmmm, let us all sing it together, chocolate, chocolate, we all love chocolate…yes, yes, yes, oh yes we do!

And well ladies, it dosn’t get much better than this hugely fabulous offer from those very scrumptious people at Hotel Chocolat (which I always think, is a buliding I would most love to stay in .. I mean a whole hotel made of chocolate … dreaming!), a rather large cracker full of the yummy smooth sweet scrumbly stuff. Did I happen to mention by the way that it was a rather LARGE cracker? I should say so , oh yes … take a looky look at this heavenly creature! … (I’m in love!)


Christmas Cracker of Chocolate

This is no run-of-the-mill cracker ladies, oh no, no, no, it is not simply popped and discarded with the used wrapping paper, as if we would eh!!! (discard chocolate, now that’s just plain ridiculous isn’t it, I mean the thought of it… shudder!) This most fantabulous Rather Large Cracker makes a statement dosen’t it .. I should say it does..ooo look at all those yummy scrummy choc’s just waiting to be loved mmmm.  Once pulled this scrumptious rather large cracker will spill out it’s lovely 40 (yes, forty!) individually wrapped festive lip smacking to die for chocolates, along with 12 fab Christmas hats and good old Christmas cracker jokes across the centre of your dining table for all your friends and or family to grab some festive yummy fun, or maybe your bed if it’s just for you! (not me of course no, no,no, ahem… greedy chops!). So come on then ladies, grab some festive chocolate cheer and start your Christmas with a rather large bang! (steady!)


You can get your hands on this most delightful festive rather large cracker directly from those fab people at Hotel Chocolat, it’s currently available on their website for £36 … but do hurry, they won’t hand around for long … (runs to place order quickly!).

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