Rakuten’s Play.com. Have you taken a look recently?

When I was asked about Rakuten’s play.com, my brain immediately said “oh yeah, that’s the place that does games and DVD’s and music, isn’t it?”
Well, just shows you what my brain knows.*

Because that’s what play.com USED to do. Now? It’s a whole heap different. Oh yes it is.
Since it was taken over by the Rakuten group, they’ve become a marketplace – lots and lots of sellers, offering lots and lots of different products.

Offering me some of the store points to go and virtually spend was brilliant – like sending a 10yr old into a sweetshop with a £5 clasped in their grubby fist.

I don’t mind admitting, it took me AGES to choose. Because there wasn’t just one thing I wanted – I was on the hunt for some bargainous fillers. So what did I finally checkout out with? Oh you’ll love it. here, let me show you…

rakutens Play
See? It’s a whole pile of GENIUS!

Okay, let me break it down for you… starting at top left:

Bagpipe Music & Marches of Scotland CD, £2.99 – the 12yr old detests bagpipe music with a passion. This is especially for him.

Extendable Back Scratcher, £2.49 – the same son has a permanently itchy back. He will LOVE this.

My Little Pony, Rainbow Dash £7.99 – My boys are proud to be Bronys. This is for the 10yr old. *eyeroll*

The Complete Bagpuss, £3.80 – not a joke, my 6yr old LOVES to watch Bagpuss on YouTube. At this price, it was a no brainer.

GX-K9 Gaming Headset, £8.75 – Really excited by this one. The 10yr old desperately wants a headset – but I am NOT trusting his clumsy self with anything decent. At under £9 this is totally perfect.

Crysis 3 for the PC, £13.98 – No.1 son is 16 in January, and this has been on his *want* list for months. He’s finally old enough to play it ;)

Christmas Elf Jumper £14.99 – Christmas Jumpers. Has to be done, no?

KRISP Rudolph Christmas Jumper £14.99 – See above. Brilliant.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Top Trumps £4.49 – Love Top Trumps. Love Wimpy Kid. Excellent.

Minecraft: The Official Annual 2014 £5.81 – It’s Minecraft. I can’t go wrong.

Notice that these prices won’t be exactly the same as you’ll see when you click through – because it’s a marketplace, you can choose which seller to buy from, and the prices change all the time.

Plus you earn loyalty ‘SuperPoints’ with everything you buy, which can then be used to pay for your next purchases.

Just look at the array of different things I got! Yes, okay, I got a DVD, a CD and a video game… but I got jumpers and a back scratcher too!
Delivery was entirely FREE, and items started arriving within 2 days. The whole experience of shopping on Rakuten’s Play.com was as easy as shopping from any single online store – but you get the big benefit of competition on price from lots of different sellers. I Love it!

(*my brain knows very little)

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