Raising A Family In London: Should You Make the Move?

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If you have a family and you’re thinking of relocating to London but you aren’t really sure how to go about the whole situation then you happen to be just where you need to be right now. Ensuring you get a place that’ll make both you and your kids feel welcome and happy is very important for a successful move. One of the first and, arguably, the most important thing you’ll have to figure out before anything is where you and your family are going to live when in London.

Below are some of the best places in London one can live with a family.

1. Richmond

This area neighbouring River Thames has consistently been rated among one of the safest places to live in London. This is a notion that has also been strengthened in this Article by Royal Cleaning on how safe Richmond happens to be. It has several places you can visit, plenty of green environments as well as a plethora of children-friendly restaurants. Oh, and how can we forget the ever beautiful Richmond Park that spans slightly over two thousand three hundred acres. It’s home to large flocks of deer which most children are sure to love.

2. Brixton

This next location truly is a fabulous one. Cheaper than many North London locations, it has a gigantic park that has inside it a refurbished playground area where children can play as well as make new friends. It also has beautiful picnic areas, lawn bowls and tennis courts. This neighbourhood is literally filled to the brim with toddlers, babies and several parent groups, which can help you a great deal, especially if you happen to be relocating from another country altogether. They’ll help you make those new connections you’re most likely going to need at some point.

3. Sutton

Not only is the Sutton area among the most affordable locations you can choose to live when in London, but it’s also one of the most desirable, family-friendly areas as well. This is largely due to the abundant green environs it provides as well as its low crime rates. It’s also not very far from central London and is an easy commute which will take you only about thirty minutes by train to London Bridge, St Pancreas as well as London Victoria. If schooling is a high priority for you then you’ll be glad to know that they have great primary and grammar schools as well.

4. Hampstead

The outdoor spaces in this location include Hampstead Heath and Regent’s Park, which happen to be the Hampstead’s neighbourhood cherry on the cake. They’re actually what makes this location so special. However, this area isn’t only for families. It also happens to be among the trendiest locations in London as well making it an ideal choice for the young families out there.

London really isn’t as bad a place to raise a family as most people tend to think. They’re a couple of gem locations all over the city that can prove fantastic locations for raising a family. In this article, we highlighted but a few of them. Don’t be too afraid of living with your family in this wonderful city. All you need to know is how to make it work for you.

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