Ragtales and the three mice. DON’T miss these.

To call these soft little chaps ‘rag mice’ is doing them a bit of a disservice, isn’t it?
I mean these guys are CUTE.
Properly, achingly, can’t-put-them-down swee-e-e-e-eet.

A few months ago we told you all about Ragtales, Mr Darcy Bear, and how they’re producing some Very Special Toys Indeed.
But we saved the best for later.
Because much as I love Mr Darcy Bear in his gorgeous duffle coat?
These three little mice totally stole my heart.

I love every single thing about Ragtales – I love that on the home page you can see the artist’s impression sketches which are where the toys have begun their stories. I love that every toy started life with a story, and developed it’s own character. I love that each toy looks and feels like it’s already lived an exciting life of adventure – unusually for perfectly new soft toys, each and every one of these mice already feels like an old friend, who’s just come home.


All the mice stand 15cm tall – big enough for small hands to hug, small enough to not make them a cumbersome best pal (which they absolutely will be, pretty much instantly).
Up front is Stitch – with the softest green corduroy body and mis-matched fabric feet and ears (and look at that adorable purple nose!). Plus he comes with a cool messenger style bag.
ragtales-pompom-mouseGentle little Pompom is the purple and lilac mouse – her body is the deepest plum velvet, and her shopping bag is perfect for tiny secrets.


Lastly there’s Tweedie, who doesn’t have a bag – no no no. He’s way too cool for bags; he has the most adorable little knitted scarf instead, keeping his fuzzily soft neck warm and snug.

As with the whole Ragtales range, these toys just flow with love and charm. Holding one in your hand simply makes the world feel a little happier, a little smaller, a little safer.

Ragtales Mice are part of their Toytales collection – each mouse is a whisker under £15, and can be bought directly from Ragtales. Be careful though – if you head into their website, you just might fall in love…


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