Quick Gardens Discuss The Benefits Of Wooden Garages

In the last few years, wooden buildings have become increasingly popular all over the U.K. Homeowners that need a safe and dry place for their cars, regularly choose the installation of wooden garages on their properties. Timber garages are one of the structures that are incorporated into homes to protect family vehicles.


1. Multi-Functional

Even though a wooden garage acts as a protective shelter for your vehicle, these structures also serve other purposes. Timber garages, depending on the actual size, can also serve as a great place to store DIY and gardening equipment. You could also consider installing one of the double wooden garages to use one side for a workshop. The versatility on offer as a workshop or timber garage gives them an edge over the concrete options.

2. Timber Garages Are Very Easy To Install

When it comes to choosing the right garage, wooden materials are still among the most practical options. Timber garages are also easy to install, especially if you have chosen to install them on your own. Another advantage of installing a wooden garage is that they help to save money since you only need a slab for the foundation. Concrete garages will require an additional foundation, which prolongs the time to erect the garage which ends up increasing your overall costs.

3. Wooden Garages Are Aesthetically Pleasing

This should be one of your primary reasons to include a timber garage for your home since they often look much better when compared to other available alternatives. They also usually last longer or age better when compared to other options, and the fact that timber garages are usually a more cost-effective choice. A wooden garage is easy to preserve using a few coats of protective paint or varnish, whereas concrete or metal paint tends to flake.

4. Wooden Garages Are Natural Insulators

One of the aspects that many homeowners overlook is that wood is an excellent insulator. This is especially true if you plan to include a workshop in your garage since it will make a significant difference. Even when you start punching holes in the wooden walls to accommodate electrical cables, this will not affect the installation. This is not true for concrete and metal structures.

5. Wooden Garages Are Easy To Fix

Even though pressure-treating a wooden garage building using a wood preserver will ensure that it lasts for many years, when a section of the wood experiences any damages, it is easy to replace. All that is needed is to remove the damaged section and replace that section with a new panel of wood. Very different from wooden garages, metal or concrete structures usually require maintenance procedures that can sometimes pose a difficulty. In certain cases, an entire section of structure may need to be removed or taken down before putting it back up again.

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