Ever heard of Property Crowdfunding? Maybe UOWN is what you need…

Everyone knows that investment in property is ‘as safe as houses’. But of course getting on the property ladder these days is a total pipe dream; my 20yr old earns a decent salary, but accepts without question that house-owning is a far-off dream for his 30’s or 40’s. It’s simply not for him in the next decade at least.

Property Crowdfunding

So I was genuinely interested when UOWN got in touch to explain their system; which is so simple it borders on genius. It’s property crowdfunding – literally crowdfunding your house ownership.
By pooling your resources with thousands of UOWNers you could grab a piece of the property market and start making it work for you. But without the hideous black hole that is physical property purchase and mortgaging.

UOWN acts as a hub for people looking to invest in property crowdfunding. It’s a pretty straightforward concept; a group of people coming together to invest money into buying a property. Then, when the property is rented out, the investors all receive returns on the rent based on the amount they invested into the property.

See? I KNEW you’d be interested.

It is an investment – so obviously it can go down as well as up, there are no guarantees. But after a one-off fee of 2% to invest, over the 12 months to September 2018, the average total return after all fees and costs was 10%.

That’s a damned sight higher return than plopping your funds in a  savings account.

And it’s totally accessible – you can invest from £1 to £100,000 and beyond, in one lump-sum or with manageable monthly payments.

There are three Property Crowdfunding systems you can choose from:

Interested? UOWN seriously couldn’t make it any easier. Just click to the ‘invest’ page, select the house you want to invest in, and select the amount you’d like to invest;

Hit the big red button and you’re off and running! 

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