Prime Day Deals That I Think Are Actually Great Deals.

Have you poked your nose in on Prime Day? I know, I’m the total sceptic with ‘big deals’ and rarely shop on Black Friday. But prime Day? there’s usually gems in there, and this year there’s a few really good deals if you’re looking carefully.

In the spirit of full disclosure, this post contains affiliate links. That means you don’t pay any more, but I may earn a teensy smidge of commission (which frankly just helps my coffee habit). Thank you, in advance, for your support!

And if you’re not a Prime member, you can take out a 30 day free trial. Seriously – nothing to lose! You get all the benefits, but cancel inside the next 30 days and it doesn’t cost you a bean.

For me that’s probably my first top Prime Day pick: if you’re a new member, then you get £20 today!
I get so much from the Prime membership, it’s totally worth it. Not just the free delivery, which obviously is ace, but the Prime TV/Movies are as good as Netflix, and Prime music competes with Spotify.

Okay so now you’re all signed up, and looking fr your bargains. Here’s the ones that have leaped out at me as a great deal today:

1: The Kindle, reduced to £50

I love my kindle – but I have been loving it for many many years (it’s an original first edition one, with no light and no touchscreen, and a battery charge that will last for weeks. Recently it has been… slow. and temperamental. And just a bit… old.
So I’m slipping one of the all-new Kindles in my shopping basket while they’re priced this low; Amazon rarely move their Kindle pricing, so finding it with £20 off is a no-brainer.

2 – Instant Pot Duo

The pressure cooker everyone is talking about – and its price has been slashed!
Don’t be the last person on earth without one of these. The 7-in-1 cooker has gained a cult following – and for good reason. It cooks meat, stews and other gloriously heartwarming meals to perfection – without a nine hour wait to eat. And if you want the full shebang, it claims to be a ‘7-in-1’ all round superstar: that’s pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yoghurt maker, searing pan, steamer and food warmer. Talk about multi-tasking.
Usually the Instant Pot retails at around £170 – but today it’s under £70!

3 – The Fire Stick

It’s £20 people. Twenty Quid!
If you don’t have a super-clever TV all set up to stream your favourite channels, then this baby is for you.
And don’t forget now you’re a (temporary) Prime member, you can also subscribe to 50+ channels like Hayu, ITV Hub+ and Discovery with Prime Video Channels—no additional apps to download. You only pay for the channels you want, and you can cancel anytime.
What we love about it is that it goes with you – we’ll often slip it into our bag for a weekend away, so we can catch up on our favourite shows and box sets from a hotel room :)

4 – GHD Original IV Professional Styler

The Original IV Professional Styler from GHD. You know you want them. Originally £99, just for today they’re under £65. But hurry, because this deal ends at 11.45pm this evening.

5 – Kindle Unlimited is FREE for 3mths!

I fell into Kindle Unlimited by accident… but I’m totally in love with it now. Usually £8 a month, for three months you can have completely FREE access to Glossy magazines, Audiobooks, Kindle reading… think Netflix for all your reading needs. It’s bloody BRILLIANT.
And three months free? Snap. their. hands. off.
If nothing else, that’ll see you through your summer holidays, right?

6 – KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer

Requires no introduction, does it? The classic KitchenAid stand mixer. Mine’s called Doris, and I pat her fondly whenever I happen to be nearby in the kitchen. Usually retailing around £330, this zinc model (talk about swish looking) is on a lightning deal for £280. Be quick – there’s limited stocks so as soon as the deal’s gone, you’re out of luck.

7 – Canon PowerShot SX730

If you’re looking for a truly powerful camera which will still fit in your pocket, then this baby is the camera for you. Mr LittleStuff is a professional Photographer – and this, the Canon PowerShot SX730, is the camera he bought our 18yr old for travelling, and it’s also the camera he borrows (steals) on a regular basis when he can’t be faffed with getting all his big gear out. It’s a total joy. The RRP is £380, it’s often for sale at around £290… but when you see it for £224? Buy buy buy.

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  1. wow so many good deals there! thanks for sharing! I’ve just enrolled my 3 month free access to Kindle unlimited! xx

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