Getting your garden set and ready for autumn doesn’t have to be looked on as a big, dauting task. As the last few weeks of summer are approaching, it’s time to begin the preparation of getting the garden in a better position for the colder months ahead. UK’s premier retailer of quality garden and leisure buildings, GBC Group have listed exactly what you need to be doing to help you on your way.

Cut the lawn

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Throughout summer it comes with no surprise that you will have had to mow the lawn often to keep it from overgrowing, so you may be looking forward to the nice break over winter. To ensure you have a nice cut lawn for the duration of the colder seasons, make sure you give your grass a thorough, clean cut to maintain a good presentation. Make sure you don’t let the grass get too long as if it leads to you needing to cut it come winter, it will be incredibly difficult.

A big clean

Much like your own home, a good old clean in the garden won’t go a miss. Keep your garden in good shape by raking all the leaves up; letting them pile up can create hazards as they’ll turn to mulch. Cleaning the decking or patio with a pressure washer also helps to keep on top of the pile up of mud and dirt that can be caused, as the wet months do encourage more grime to build up. Tasks such as cutting back the hedges and trees will help keep the garden in tip top shape, as overgrown shrubs can look messy.

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Net the pond

A pond is always a lovely addition to a garden, however, to ensure that you maintain the condition it does require a further task to be completed ready for autumn and winter. Spread a fine meshed net across your pond and use heavy objects such as bricks to help pin it down, doing this will help avoid the horrible task of collecting all the decomposed leaves falling into your pond and clogging the filters on the pumps and making your water go foul.

Plant spring bulbs

For the avid gardener, if you’re wanting to get the garden looking pretty come the spring time then remember to plant your spring bulbs such as daffodils and tulips come September/October time so you are able to enjoy a garden full of colour as you are welcoming the change of season to spring (we’ve a handy guide to planting tulips here).

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Storing gardening equipment

When autumn comes it will be time to start storing the gardening equipment away once you have done the final touches to the garden. Make sure when you are putting your equipment away such as your gardening tools, lawnmowers and pressure washers that they are stored in a dry, secure place, when it comes to riding lawn mower storage you might want to give these a thorough clean and service before over wintering. Garages or metal sheds from GBC Group  are good examples of the best ways to keep your tools make sure no breaks ins are encouraged or will falter with the equipment’s condition.

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