Preparing your 4 berth caravan for the winter months

5 tips to making the most out of your 4 berth caravan during the cold winter months!

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Many people think that caravan holidays are reserved for the summer months, but with a few simple tips and tricks, you could be touring your 4 berth caravan all year round!

Tip #1 Central Heating

The first and most important thing to consider in order to have a great camping experience throughout the winter months is your central heating system.  Alde’s “wet” heating system is considered a favourite among caravanners mostly for the type of heat that it provides. Each Alde wet system claims a greater efficiency due to its distribution of fluid rather than the more traditional warm air pumping systems found in many motorhomes. With such a system you can enjoy the heat from linked radiators as well as a continuous supply of hot water and underfloor heating allowing you to enjoy your caravan all year round! Bailey’s Bristol has a great range of caravans which come with Alde’s “wet” system embedded.

Tip #2 Fixtures and Fittings

The next thing to consider is the fixtures and fittings inside your caravan. In the winter months, you won’t want to brave the cold in order to make use of the caravan park shower facilities! It is therefore essential that your caravan is equipped with all the mod cons and comforts that you’re used to particularly an en-suite bathroom with a separate enclosed shower.

Tip #3 Selecting the best holiday parks

There are great benefits to going on a camping holiday outside of the camping season.  The first is that many caravan parks are open all year round with the added benefit of being a lot quieter than in the summer months. They will also generally be a lot cheaper, making it a very affordable winter getaway particularly if you are looking for a holiday in the UK. Make sure to select a holiday park with facilities adapted for the winter months such as a heated pool and hot tub. Some of the better parks will also offer kids clubs throughout the winter and will be dog-friendly if you are travelling with your pet!

Don Amott leisure park has a great range of holiday parks throughout the U.K if you are looking for a great caravan friendly destination.

Tip #4 Make it your home from home

A great caravan is essentially a holiday home on wheels! Why not make it feel a little more like home by adding a splash of colour to the walls. Warm vibrant colours will help suggest more warmth throughout the winter months but if you prefer a more neutral palette you can simply add a touch of colour with the use of cushions, throws or a rug. If you are away over the Christmas break don’t forget to pack your Christmas decorations too!

Tip #5 Finding the best caravan for sale

If you don’t currently own a 4 berth caravan or any caravan for that matter! Bailey’s offer a wide range of caravans with all the amenities and comforts to get you through the winter months. Certain Bailey’s retailers will have special offers so make sure to shop around to find the best deals!

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