Planning the NEXT Adventure – Paris, I think.

So whilst we’re in the frantic last stages of planning our amazing Italian Road Trip (we leave in four days *gulp*), I admit my brain is already turning towards what’s next.

Because I’ve got the bug now. We’ve done so much this year – the Welsh activity weekend, our Scottish Adventure, a grown up Paris city break, the Italian Road Trip… but I really really want to take the children to Paris. And Budapest. And Iceland…

But we just can’t drive them everywhere, it takes too long. So I think the next big adventure will have to be by plane.

Of course, nipping off to mainland Europe by plane for six of us didn’t used to really be an option, unless we had a squillion squids in the bank. Which we didn’t Banks not being fond of keeping squids for us. But now with the budget airlines all offering European flights from all over England it’s not going to break the bank before we even leave British soil.

A quick glance at Flybe’s site, for example, tell me I can get all six of us from our nearest airport to Paris for £300 each way. If, however, I switch that to any London Airport, the return flight fee per person is £35-ish. Which makes the entire flight costs for our family £408. Which is so shockingly affordable that I’m not quite sure why we haven’t done this yet!

So. Next step is to plan the adventure. I’m thinking Paris. I’m thinking January.
I know – not an obvious choice.

But all the best bits will still be there – the Eiffel Tower will still be standing, the Louvre will still be open (I just want to stand the children in front of the Wedding at Cana), we can ride the metro, and just explore. doesn’t matter if it’ll be cold and rainy – we’re Brits, we’re used to that. But it will be far emptier of crowds than when the husband and I visited in June.
Hopefully there won’t be a huge queue, taking us over an hour to get into the Louvre.

I really really would love to take one of these Hidden Paris walking tours – I just love it when a knowledgeable guide brings a place alive.

Oh, and this time I am NOT leaving without a small box from Ladurée either.


I know they’d adore seeing the Passages des Princes if it’s raining outside, so we’ll add that to the list. And the sewers museum (the Musee des Egouts) will get bonus points for being interesting AND weird.

Add in some amazing food stops (Paris isn’t exactly short on those…), and I’m incredibly excited about the next adventure, all of a sudden!

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