Planning the next adventure – a Family London Trip

We haven’t taken the children to London very often – and it’s a huge oversight. We are, after all, only 2 1/2 hrs on the train – and if we drive half way and pick up the train at Basingstoke we can cut the cost of the train fair in half.
It’s not that they’ve never been to London – we did a day trip when they were small and covered the obvious Natural History Museum, Science Museum, and playing in the fountains at Somerset house. We’ve been up for the evening just to see an event at earl’s Court, and for a birthday-day to do an impromptu Harry Potter-esque tour of ‘Gringotts’ and ‘Diagon Alley’, and to watch We Will Rock You.

But now that they’re all a bit older, we want to go and see the city properly. We’re starting to explore some European cities with them, and yet they know little about their own capital.


So we’re thinking that just a couple of days at the end of November to take in a whirlwind tour will be perfect. Far enough before Christmas for it not to be utter madness to try, and close enough for the decorations to be in full swing. Here’s the plan so far (and I make no apologies for the unashamedly obvious nature of our itinerary…):

1 – An Open Top Bus Tour. What better way for a quick introduction to the sights, sounds and smells of London?

2 – Hamleys. Come on – it’ll nearly be Christmas. We have to go!

3 – A Walking Tour – I’m thinking this one on the secrets of Westminster Abbey. But there’s a lot to choose from… I love having a knowledgeable guide pointing out all the things you’d never notice on your own.

4 – A West End Musical. Obviously. It’s a bit old now, but I have still never seen the Lion King. And I’m afraid it’ll close before we get there… so I’m booking it.

5 – One of the big museums. If we time it right we’ll be in time to see the Ancient Lives exhibition at the British Museum. Who can turn down the Egyptian Mummies?

We’ll add in a  saunter along the embankment, a trip down Oxford Circus to see the lights… and as much food as our bodies can manage ;)


Getting there will be the train, obviously, and we’ll make as much use as possible of public transport with a travelcard (with maybe just one black cab ride…). Finding somewhere to stay won’t be a problem either – we’ll simply use Hotel Direct to find ourselves a great place to lay our weary bones for a couple of nights. A quick look tells me that we can get two rooms for the six of us for two nights at the 4* Holiday Inn at kings Cross for just £478.

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