Philips AVENT 3-In-1 Steriliser Review – Steamin’ Hot. Of course.

Okay, so with our small people starting school in a couple of weeks (*gulp*) we’re a bit past the need for sterilisers. Happily, a quick shout on twitter brought us the lovely Boo & Me, who agreed to review it for us :) …

I was excited to be asked to review the Avent 3-in-1 electric steam steriliser; I have never particularly got along with our steriliser and this one looked really interesting. It is different to anything else I have seen on the market as it can be used in three different ways:


avent steriliser

As well as being adjustable in size, it is also very slim line which saves loads of worktop space – it’s narrower than my toaster! We have a fairly small kitchen so this is fab news for me.

I really like that it can change to fit your needs. The smallest basket is perfect for dummies, teethers and spoons, the middle size for breast pumps, cups and bowls and both baskets together for bottles.

The only negative point for me is that although it says it fits all bottle types on the box, our Tommee Tippees need to be squeezed in due to their wide necks. They do fit, but it makes loading the steriliser a bit fiddly when I’m in a rush and have Boo under one arm!


However, I absolutely love the fact that it is small and adjustable, as well as quick and quiet (our last steriliser whistled like a boiling kettle!). As it all comes apart it is also really easy to empty – it’s just a case of taking the base to the sink rather than a whole steriliser. Because it’s much less bulky I am happy to put up with wedging my bottles in once a day!

And the Good News is that the AVENT 3-In-1 Steriliser is currently reduced on Amazon from £60 to just £39. Bargain!

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