PERFECT non-tech gift for your teen gamer – Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Art Book Review #ChristmasGiftGuide

51TMVvQIr3LYes. It’s a book.
A book that you’ll love to give – and that they will LOVE you for giving.

I know what it’s like – you look despairingly across their list and wonder when it was they stopped wanting Playmobil and cool robots for Christmas. A nice book always feels like such a great gift – but it’s often tricky finding the right one that will be received with enthusiasm.

But this one – oh my. It’s just perfect.

If you happen to own a teen gamer, then I’m pretty sure you’ll have come across Assassin’s Creed in one of it’s many guises. The most recent is Syndicate – and this is the coffee table Art Book that accompanies it.

And frankly, it’s an astonishingly beautiful thing.

This amazing book contains hundreds of never-before-seen pieces of the game designers’ concept art, from initial sketches to final paintings.
The text is an insightful commentary from the artists and developers themselves, providing in depth explanation and insider knowledge for the amazing images you’re seeing,

Through Assassin’s Creed Syndicate you get to explore and dwell inside Victorian London – Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Bank of England, Trafalgar Square, Tower of London, Westminster, The Thames, Whitechapel… all the familiar sites are here in the glorious artwork.


But it’s not just about the bleak Victorian cityscape – there are a lot of studies of the people in the game too. Not just the new assassins (we all LOVE Evie… – and her development on the pages above really caught y attention, it’s fascinating to see how the design journey progresses), but all the supporting characters, the people that are simply present on the streets. Each has a character and a story to tell on the streets.


The fold outs make for grand scenes which I’d be quite happy to see framed on my wall (There’s a special limited edition version in a slipcase that contains signed artwork). The illustrations are astonishingly detailed, and will stand up to many hours stud, there’s so much to see and examine.

If your teen loves behind-the-scenes stuff and Assassin’s Creed, or is interested in the art of game design then this book is the best thing you’ll buy them this Christmas.

The Art Of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is currently available on Amazon for a smidge over £20.

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