Perfect Bonfire Night Wish List #NextBonfireNight

Bonfire night is coming!
In our house, this is a much bigger deal than Halloween – it’s one of the sacrosanct nights of the year that we all anticipate with huge excitement. We go to the same venue that we’ve been going to for 25yrs (well, back then it wasn’t held at the castle, it was held in an old quarry pit, and was just the best local fireworks night, run by the Lions Club. Same people, bigger venue, better fireworks). We eat an early dinner of jacket potatoes which have been baking since late morning, with a variety of toppings for everyone to help themselves, then we wrap up in our warmest gear (even though the last few years has seen us slowly strip off the hats and gloves and scarves – when did 5th November stop being bitingly cold?), and head out to be in place for the lighting of the bonfire at 7pm.
The what to wear question has been naturally honed over the years. Warm and snug are the two key essentials – and layering is key. Children appreciate woolly tights under jeans, thick socks are essential for standing around in wet grass, and obviously a big thick weather-proof coat is a given.

I’m not sure when Next started their Tall range, but when you’re edging on 6′ tall, having a high street store that you know is a reliable fit in styles you love means you become intensely brand-loyal very fast!

I was noodling around the Autumn ranges, and just happened *cough* to put together a totally perfect outfit for bonfire night…


Gorgeous or WHAT?
I’ll start at the top and work down…


The Ochre Wadded Jacket – love love love. Long enough to prevent chilly back draft syndrome, big thick collar to protect face from biting winter winds, and oh that fabulous warm ochre colour. Guaranteed to make any winter’s day feel snug.

Wadded Jacket – £75


Gorgeous checked shirt – a total layering staple. 100% viscose, so it’s going to be warm without being bulky, and the casual styling is brilliant for those effortless winter Sundays.

Red Check Shirt – £28

drawstring hoodie

Another perfect layer. You can’t go wrong with a soft hoodie – and this one’s so softly pretty (and again, you don’t want anything too thick and bulky when you’re layering)! The sleeves ave a really nice stitch detail to add interest, and the 5% wool means it’ll be warmer than you’d expect.

Drawstring Hem Hoody in grey – £26


For those of us with a curvier disposition some high-waisted control jeans just… help. That’s all I’m saying. These have a really nice skinny-fit leg shape, the two-button waistband prevents the hated rollover for those with a  generously-endowed front, and they contain 7% Elastomultiester (no, I haven’t a clue what that is either, but it sounds stretchy) plus 1% Lycra to help them maintain their shape.

High Waist Enhancer Slim Jeans – £30

Grey Suede Faux-Fur-Topped-Long-Boots

Aaaahhh, the boots.
Or rather – Oooh! BOOTS!
Above all else, bonfire night footwear is key. Standing for hours with freezing cold soggy toes is no one’s idea of fun.
Made from leather (though that fur topping is faux), these fabulous suede long boots have a nod to the wild west about them, don’t you think? The suede will be warm and weatherproof through the winter, and there’s enough heel to give a lift without making them impractical on anything but the most-well-gritted of city streets in winter.
Super-versatile, these will be an all-winter staple. Long skirts, knee-length, jeans, Saturday shopping or an evening out… they’ll work with anything.

Grey Suede Faux Fur Topped Long Boots – £85

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