Perfect Autumn Essentials – Pretty Jeans & Comfy Boots from Next

Autumn is probably my favourite time of year to dress for – and my daughter appears to have inherited my enthusiasm. After months of a lacklustre approach to grabbing the nearest t-shirt and shorts, she’s suddenly re-organising her jumpers and insisting that she has ‘nothing to wear’.
Well, to be fair, she’s probably grown at least 6″ since last November, and none of her leftover winter wardrobe fits any more, but still…

So she was pretty darned happy when Next asked her if she’d like to take her pick for a new outfit.

In all honesty she stopped by the pyjamas page first, but once I’d plucked her away from soft and cuddly, this is what she went for.

Practical, comfortable, warm, and with a hint of pretty around the edges. She is SO my daughter.

The Dark Blue Embroidered Floral Jeans are a perfect fit for a pretty normal-sized almost-11yr old – I went for age 11 as she’s only 3mths off, and she’s tall for her age. They fit perfectly.
She loves the skinny cut that’s not too skinny, she loves the big button which she manages much easier than a usual jeans button, and she really loves the touches of embroidery

It’s on both front pockets in a mis-matched vintage design, and there’s a patch on one of the rear pockets too. It’s a neat detail that lifts them from being just-jeans to being something she grabs first from the drawer.

Available in ages 3-16, the embroidered jeans start at £18. We love.

And oh, those boots.

I admit it – I wasn’t keen, and tried to persuade her gently towards something a bit… prettier. But she was reluctant to be swayed, and in the end I’ve learned from experience that if I want them to be worn, they have to be liked.

So I gave in gracefully, and the Black Short Pull On Boots came too.

And yes, any hesitation I had disappeared when she pulled them on. They just look so cool! And I could tell they were comfy – the fact she didn’t take them off until coerced was a bit of a giveaway! The uppers are real leather suede (total bargain at £25!), and they’re lined with the softest faux fur which will keep feet warm and snug over the winter. They’re high enough for avoiding puddle-splash, but still super-easy to tug on when you’re in a hurry (always essential when you’re 10).

With pretty jeans and decent boots, you’re pretty well equipped for whatever the Autumn throws at you, aren’t you? The girl chose Good Things!


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