Paper Shaker – have you seen them?

I was introduced to PaperShaker over the summer when a friend used them for Wedding Thank you’s – and totally fell in love. I keep meaning to write about them.

On the whole, I’m not a big fan of personalised cards. they always seem…. cheap. D’you know what i mean? Quickly banged out designs, on not-very-good cardstock. I’d always rather have a lovely thick plain card, written by hand with thought and care.

But these cards from PaperShaker are just… gorgeous!

Firstly the designs are stunning (my friends used this one – I’d have shown you theirs, only  I lost it…)

personalised wedding thank yous


The cards are really very beautiful – thick, heavy and glossy, with excellent printing. And the designs are so pretty – really stylish, and with loads of options for making the designs entirely your own, changing text, colours and obviously adding your own images. Having hung around on a lot of American Wedding photography sites, there’s a distinctive touch of US design  trends to them, which is a good thing actually – our American cousins have been doing personalised cards for much longer than we Brits, and they just do it… better, I think.

When I went and had a meander through the site, it was the Birth Announcements that really grabbed my attention.
They’re… GORGEOUS! Look!


LOVING the birdie!

See? Subtle, stylish – and so damned CUTE!

And so many to choose from – you really are spoilt for choice of properly fabulous designs…


Simple design, but clever use of a neat typeface and some small quirky design elements make it a card of joy

Or maybe what you need is a Thank You card for all those lovely wishes and gifts? They do those in style too…

baby thank you cards

But it’s not all about Babies and weddings – no, there’s party invites, Christmas Cards… And with prices starting from just 75p a card (seriously – where are you going to buy generic shop-bought ones at that price? Let alone these designer beauties?) I suggest you get over to PaperShaker and book mark it. Now.

Author: Laura

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