P20 – Brilliant Suntan Lotion. That smells like cat’s wee.

suntan lotion for childrenSuntan lotion – one of the bane’s of my summer life.

You put it on, they go in the pool, you put it on, they go back in the pool…

You spend a fortune on the stuff to keep them safe, and they wash it all into the pool water.

So when P20 asked if we’d like to try out their once-a-day formula on our trip to France, I agreed to give it a bash. Once a day? Even if they’re swimming? Can that actually be true?

Well… yes. Yes it is.

Every morning we had the same routine – once we started thinking about moving to the pool I started covering the children. It needs to be 15 minutes before you get out in the sun. It’s an oil, and rather runny, so it takes a little skill to not have it drippy-slopping on the floor – much easier to pour into your hand and then slap that on to the waiting body part, rather than dribbling it onto the skin direct.

I also need to point out that it smells like cat wee. No really, it does. In the words of a certain 5yr old of my acquaintance, it’s stinky-yuck.

Plus it REALLY stings if you get it in a 13 yr old’s eye. Allegedly. *whistles*

But by the time you reach the door, the smell is GONE. Like magic. Poof, you smell NICE again.

And that’s it – no more suntan lotion for the rest of the day. The children spent most of the day in the pool – we came in for the heat of the day for lunch and some quiet time, and then headed back out to the pool for the afternoon.

It’s not a cheap brand, coming in at around £24 for the one 200ml bottle – but that did 5 of us for the whole two weeks. The 5yr old has an all-in-one suit, so it was just face/neck and arms for her, but the three boys were in just trunks, and I used it for myself too.Working out what I’d normally spend on a few bottles to take with us, that’s pretty good value, actually.

And cases of sunburn we had? None. Despite the temperature being over 40 degrees most days.

What more do you need to know, really? Will I buy it next year? I’m not sure I’ll ever buy another brand, to be honest.

You can buy P20 at Amazon here.

Author: Laura

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