OXO Tot Seedling high chair review

OXO Tot Seedling high chair review

reviewed for us by Molly Forbes, ably assisted by the delicious Baby Girl

High chairs. You have no idea how many different types there are until you’re standing in the middle of the baby department in a shop looking at high chair upon high chair staring back at you. From wooden to plastic to metal, cushioned to non-cushioned, with trays and without trays, adjustable height to fixed height…. it’s all a bit confusing. So what do you really need when it comes to choosing a high chair? Well we’ve recently reviewed the OXO Tot Seedlings high chair and it ticked many of the boxes in my latest high chair requirement list.


What I loved about the OXO Tot Seedling:

It’s easy to clean:

It goes without saying that my number one requirement for a high chair is that it’s easy to clean. There’s no point having a pretty seat that isn’t easy to wipe down after every meal because nothing looks good when it’s covered in sticky banana and crusty sweet potato. Weaning is a messy business, so I loved that the cushioned lining of the chair is made from a wipeable material which is easy to remove when things get really bad (i.e. when my baby’s had bolognaise for dinner). The base of the chair is made from a smooth plastic without any annoying seams or joins that become home to stray food, so that’s another win.

Adjustable height:

We use our high chair at the dining table, so my baby can sit and eat with the rest of the family. But, in the summer, we sometimes eat outside at a table of a different height. The OXO Tot Seedling has five height settings, which means it suits both dining tables. Win.


It has wheels:

The wheels at the front of the base of the high chair make it easy to move around, even when you have a baby in one hand. This is particularly handy at teatime when I need to make dinner but my daughter’s getting fractious as she waits for food. I can sit her in the high chair so she can watch me cook dinner and munch on finger food at the same time.

It’s a brilliant colour:

Call me frivolous but I’m a sucker for white with bright pops of colour. A white frame with brilliant lime green? Yes please.

It has a removable tray:

Another win on the cleaning front, the tray slides off so you can wash it in the sink with the rest of the dishes. Plus, it has different settings so as your baby gets bigger the tray doesn’t need to be pushed in so far. It sits on a bracket on the back of the chair, which means you have the option to keep it off all the time if you want.


Different reclining positions:

The seat has three reclining positions. We found this really helpful in the early months, when our baby wasn’t sitting up and ready for food but still wanted to be involved in dinner time. She could lounge in the chair at the table while we ate.

What I would change about the OXO Tot Seedling

Don’t get me wrong, this is a FANTASTIC high chair. But if you have a small dining room or kitchen then this might not be the one for you. The high chair takes up quite a big surface area as the back legs stick out quite far.

The big frame is a bonus when it comes to wriggly babies – no matter how much my baby kicks her legs or squirms about I know she’s safe and the chair won’t topple. But you do pay a price for that. The compromise is that the high chair won’t pull far enough in to the table for my baby to eat at it with us. She sits at the table with the tray in front of her, which means the chair has to be pulled out slightly, taking up valuable floor space. So if you’re looking for a chair that your baby can sit right up to the table in, this might not be the best buy for you.


Would I recommend the OXO Tot Seedling? Yes. But only if you have the room for it. I think it’s a good option if you’re looking for a chair that will grow with your baby – and if you’re a fan of bright colour.


The OXO Tot Seedling high chair is available from £159 and is available in lime green, graphite and mocha. We were given a sample for the purpose of this review.

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