Our Favourite Etsy Buys 2022

Here it is – my personal round up of my Top Etsy Buys For Christmas. And this is why I’m sharing such a random list of odds…

I saw a call on Twitter yesterday, someone looking for help with their Christmas gift buying. The items they were hunting for were so SO perfect, I needed to share them:

It’s such a perfect list of presents – I bet none of the recipients have ever asked for such things, and yet the giver KNOWS these people, and has thought about exactly what they’d like (following the thread, it turns out the dish is for her sister in law who makes the most perfect crumbles). Joyful gift giving, with zero commercialisation and love and intention in every last inch.

I’ll let you in on a secret. I’ve been writing Christmas Gift Guides for over 20 yeas – and the busiest, most popular posts every single year are the quirky, individual, crafted and special finds from the little independent businesses. 
Obviously you love the products we find from the big brands – and we agree, they have some major bling to show off. But while we all love a beautifully made, personal gift., There’s something deeply satisfying, something more ‘real’ about a product that has been created with care, one that you don’t see in every shop window and thousands of homes, one that you can know will be appreciated as much for the love and care that has gone into the making of it as the amount of love and care that went into the choosing of it.

We try wherever we can to wave the flag of small independents. It’s so important to give them your support – especially in the run up to Christmas. With all the noise from the big brands, and with the onslaught of the pre-Christmas sales like Black Friday, the small independent businesses can get swallowed up and forgotten about. It’s hard out there, and these small brands are hardworking Mums and Dads just like you and me, trying to survive and stand out in a sea of mass consumerism.

So, to help our fellow independents this year, we thought we would put together a guide of some of our top favourite Christmas gift idea finds from Etsy.

Every single one of these has come from my own personal bookmarks – I’m not working to a theme, or trying to impress anyone. This is just the stuff I love, and earmarked either for myself or a loved one.

Enjoy these Top Etsy Buys For Christmas treasures, meet some new shop owners and creators, and maybe spend a few pennies with these hard working creatives.

This post contains affiliate links – you don’t pay any more, but I may earn a teensy smidge of commission (which frankly just helps my coffee habit). But I never recommend something to you I wouldn’t recommend to my sister. And yes, I do love my sister.

Rise Up’ Hamilton cuff

Top Etsy Buys For Christmas Hamilton

Every house has a Hamilton fan – and for them, you can’t go wrong with this “Rise Up” cuff.

Each piece is made to order, and each individual character is hand stamped, lacking the precision of a machine, but with way more character.

From NelsonsBizarre the Rise Up, Hamilton Jewelry is just £11

Soundwave Print

I know these soundwave prints have been around for a while, but this one’s the nicest I’ve seen, converting your favourite two songs into visual waveforms. Multiple segments of the audio are layered in mesmeric gradients, to create an image unique to the audio. So much more a wall art than those rather spiky lines which are cool but not so pleasing on the wall.
Choose your own colours, and songs obviously.

The Soundwave Art from YVEPRINTCO is just £35

Personalised Leather Weekend Bag

Gorgeous – it came as a surprise to me when I realised that men love a decent bag as much as women do. And these are absolute beauties – perfect for the gym as much as a weekend away, and they can be personalised with a name tag for a nice extra touch. Also, because they’re slight seconds, they come with an amazingly bargainous price tag (and looking at the comments, no one can spot why they’re a ‘second’)

From VintageChildShop these Personalized Leather Weekend Bag costs £75

Gunmetal Black Mechanical Pocket Watch

The Hampton pocketwatch is a beautifully engraved steampunk-style gunmetal pocket watch, complete with removable chain and secure clip.
They’ll love it even if they never knew they wanted one.

From PocketWatchCompany the Gunmetal Black Mechanical Pocket Watch costs £47

Blocks Pattern Orange Green Cashmere Scarf

Top Etsy Buys For Christmas scarf

A cashmere scarf. Nothing nicer to snug round your neck. And LOOK at the colours! Beautifully handcrafted in a blocks pattern, the orange green is ideal to brighten a winter day.
Super soft and stylish, a perfect Christmas gift idea.

The Blocks Pattern Orange Green Cashmere Scarf £40 from Futurerity2

3 Beeswax candles gift set

This set of 3 Natural Hand-rolled Beeswax candles comes in a gift box, with matches in a small glass bottle and a hand made Christmas card.

The 3 Beeswax candles gift set from SunnyYellowCandlesSZ costs £25

The Hare mug

Gorgeous shape, you just know this will not only keep your coffee HOT (smaller top means less surface area for the heat to escape, see?), but it will feel wonderfully comfoprting inthe hand. And I love that it’s handmade so each one will be different, each glaze will vary.
And who doesn’t want a hare chasing happily after a dandelion seed head round and round their morning coffee?

The Handmade ceramic mug with blue leaping hare by studioZANandME costs £26

Super Mario Retro leather handmade wallet

This is one of my favourite Top Etsy Buys For Christmas. Come on – you can’t beat some proper Mario. And when it’s handtooled into a lush leather wallet? Total win.
Gift boxes are also available.

Super Mario Retro leather handmade wallet £32 from ArtyyGiftsHouse

Arctic Bobble Hat

The Arctic Winter Beanie Bobble Hat!

The heavyweight multi yarn knit is designed for a snug but comfortable fit, and the fleece shearling thermal band gives extra warmth and cosiness (no itchy forehead!). And there are other colours, but I LOVE these!

The Arctic Bobble Hat from UrbanBearCo is £18

Sea Glass Flowers Picture Art

Yes – it’s sea glass! Beautiful petal shaped nuggets of frosted white, palest blue and amber Cornish sea glass make up these flowers set inside a 35cm x 26cm glazed box frame. Words of your choice can be added to the mount at no extra cost.

From BeachStreetArt the Sea Glass Flowers Picture Art costs £42

Sunflowers leather wallet

Okay, I’ll admit this one’s on my OWN Christmas list. These wallets are made by master artisans that have worked with leather for generations. Using the best quality of leather, a little mirror has been added (Vintage Style) for you, and the layout of the inside (SO improtant, right?) is perfect. Also, you can choose to have a variety of warm rich colours. Dreamy.
This one’s from the States, so it’s £10 shipping, and you’ll need to order quick. I just haven’t found anything that matches it in the UK for colour and style!

The Sunflowers, leather womans wallet from SalyLimonUSA costs £38

Personalised Family Christmas Cushion Cover

Such a neat gift for a family! Personalise this Christmas cushion cover with any names of your choice.
Great for decorating your home and getting into the festive spirit of Christmas!

From LaserMadeOccasions the Personalised Family Christmas Cushion Cover, Stocking Design is available for just £13. Bargin!

So there – my Top Etsy Buys For Christmas…

Hoping you love my Top Etsy Buys For Christmas as much as I do – but don’t forget there is so much more to find! Etsy is busting with fabulous independent traders, crafters and creatives, each one with wonderful ideas and gorgeous products to inspire you this Christmas.
And if you fancy a little more inspiration, Etsy themselves have curated some fabulous lists – take a look at their ‘Under £30’ Gift Guide to get you started, there’s some beauties in there!

And don’t forget to stop by our pre-Christmas Shopping List for all the stuff you need that’s NOT about presents!

pin it for later…

Here it is – my personal round up of my Top Etsy Buys For Christmas. I’ll let you in on a secret. My busiest, most popular posts every single year are the quirky, individual, crafted and special finds we come across from the fab little independent businesses scattered far and wide.

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