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Street Cafe by Paul Taylor

This site plopped into my inbox this week – and I fell instantly in love, and have revisited many times since.

It’s just… brilliant.

Being married to a photographer our walls are filled with images; not just his, but all types of visual art. Sadly, though, much as we love to browse art galleries it’s incredibly rare that we can afford to take hom the art that we fall in love with.
So imagine my joy when I saw this site – which not only supports artists sell their work, but only features original, signed art at prices UNDER £100.

I know!


March Hare by Yvette Rawson (yes, I have a bit of a thing for hares…)


Euphoria by Sheryl Roberts

Naturally, I presumed that it was going to be filled with the duff stuff that no one really wants to buy… but I was staggered at the quality of the work available – and the entirely reachable price tags!

Our model means that if artists don’t sell, they won’t pay to use the site – so it’s pretty much self-regulating in terms of quality.

I’m in LOVE I tell you!

Just look at these few I saw at a quick glance this morning.


Old Romantics by Paul Kiernan

We love it because it’s good for the artists as well as us buyers – the artists sell COMMISSION-FREE and direct to buyers via the site. Since most other on-line galleries charge between 30 and 50% commission on sales, the artists are able to pass on this saving to buyers.

Is there much choice – oh yes! There are currently 80+ emerging artists exhibiting over 800 original pieces.

Go. Look.

Browse around Original Art For Under £100.

Buy a genuine piece of art as a gift this Christmas. It’s the gift that gives back every day, every week, every year, for ever.


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