Oh the cutest newborn clothes – onesies and cardigans aplenty.

Have you come across Mayoral yet? If you haven’t, you need to. Newborn clothes right through to 16yrs, and their clothes are gorgeous. 75 years ago they were making socks and tights for 1940’s woman. Now they’re making the coolest clothing for kids and teens – it’s different, it’s edgy, and my teens actually love it.

But for me, their baby stuff is just perfect. Cute without being sickly sweet, not too much in the way of pink sparkle, lots of strong colours and the cutest designs that are also totally practical on a anew baby.

I mean look. The newborn bodysuit is a pretty essential item, isn’t it? In the first few weeks mine never actually made it into anything else.  But if they’re going to live in an item of clothing it needs to be both practical for a zillion nappy changes and frequent washing, but also cute enough to hold up under regular guest visiting and friend cooing, right?

Perfect for kicking about in at home, but slip on a pair of soft trousers and you’re good to meet your honoured guests. Gorgeous colours, perfect blue detailing, and it’s 100% cotton too.
The Long sleeve Onesie comes  in red or blue, and is a smidge under £16, in sized 0-12mths.


Or of course there’s the neutral onesies if you’re not sure on gender. This twin-pack is a perfect newborn gift, isn’t it? personally I LOVED getting practical and useful clothing as baby gifts – fabulously frilly pretty dresses were lovely for my daughter, but she only wore them once or twice before she grew out of them. but gifts like onesies are brilliant, and get used and used and used.
I also love the practicality of the design on these – Sizes 0 – 4 months with that brilliant front and crotch opening, and then from 4mths there’s the shoulder and crotch opening. Plus, these come in a lovely gift box!
They’re 100% cotton, of course, and the long Sleeve Body is just under £17 for the pair.

On top of the onesies, the next most essential piece of clothing is the newborn cardigan. I never truly understood until I had my first child just how invaluable a cardigan is when you have a young baby.
Layering is by far the easiest way to modulate temperature, and a cardigan is so quick and easy to on/off as required.
But obviously if it’s going on your precious newborn, you need it be be pretty darn cute as well as warm and practical.

Isn’t it gorgeous? Super-versatile with that hood for unexpectedly cool breezes, just the two buttons so no wrestling with loads of fastenings and thick enough for chilly days.
And oh that fabulous string navy blue! It’s such a unisex colour, this cardigan is perfect for any baby.
The Navy Knit Cardigan is just under £30 on Mayoral

(And we’re properly loving the toggles on this one too…)

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