Limited offer – NOWTV free for two months. Expires SUNDAY!

Looking for a special offer to get NOWTV free for two months? You’re in the right place – read on!

It’s amazing how our TV watching habits have changed in a few short years, isn’t it? I simply cannot imagine arranging my viewing around a TV schedule any more. We pick and choose the individual shows we watch, and either absorb then in great big gulps via catch-up tv (*cough* three seasons of Suits in 6 days…), or simply record them and watch them when it’s the best time for us.

And as our habits have changed, so the ways for watching TV have too. We’re no longer strapped to the sofa watching the one TV screen, battling over who gets to watch what, when – we can stream our favourite shows on the computer, the tablet, Gaming consoles… you can even watch on your phone (if you’re keen to watch tv in miniature…).

nowtv free for two months

One of the best services as far as we know is NOWTV – as much as anything because of the flexibility, and the lack of contract. Plus you can see all the best of the latest shows. It’s not about the old stuff – with NowTV you can keep up with the latest Game of Thrones (at last! it’s back at last!) and Mad Men (No spoilers, but… oh, Don, how you’re letting us down…). And I didn’t realise until today that there are packages for you to watch Sky Movies and SkySports too – without the sky contract.

two months free nowtv

And the reason I am now so hugely well-informed? Because I just saw that TopCashback’s latest offer (be quick, it’s only valid until Sunday night) is for £13.98 Cashback for new members purchasing NOWTV Entertainment . Which makes it, in effect, two months FREE top-channel TV!

(remember this only works if you don’t already have a TopCashback account. It’s entirely free to sign up, don’t worry; it’s a win-win shopping through them and we TOTALLY recommend them) 

Either click on the image above, or go to TopCashback’s offer page here

  • Sign up on the right of the page; once signed up you’ll be redirected to the offer page
  • On the offer page you will see the offer information, hit the “Get Cashback & Visit Retailer” button, you’ll then be redirected .
  • Once you reach NOWTV’s site, just sign up as normal.
  • After you’ve signed up, you will see your cashback pending in your account within 1 week. Once payable you can withdraw the cashback to your bank account.

Remember – the offer closes at midnight on Sunday (19th), so be QUICK people!

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