Not-So-Grim Reaper (and Best Childrens face paints. Ever.)

So Boy (9) had a Halloween party this weekend. He was the only one who did, and as we don’t Trick & Treat, I was heaving a happy sigh of relief that only one costume scramble was on the horizon. An easy one, too, as he already knew what he wanted to be – the Grim Reaper.


Easy, thanks to a few oddly items rummaged from the dressing up supplies, and a fably new box of face paints from Snazaroo.
snazaroo halloween face paints 8

Face paints are something I never bothered with until recently. I made a couple of half-hearted attempts by snatching up a  few cheap boxes in the supermarkets for halloween and Red Nose Day, but they never really did much – the blacks were grey, the whites weer transparent, and the whole lot disappeared into nothing within an hour. Pointless.

But then those lovely Snazaroo-types sent me some of THEIR face paints.


Blacks which are, you know, BLACK. And Whites which are actually… um.. white. And reds, and greens, and browns, and glitter, and brushes and sponges and a handy book… Anyhoo, better than tell you, here he is – proof in the showing and all that.

So, happy in his Grimness, we shot off to the party. Upon returning home, content that Halloween was ‘done’ so easily,  I found the 11 year old rummaging in the Snazaroo bag, asking if he could have a go. I told him to go for his life whilst I responded to the repetitive jumping-up-and-down of a pink 3yr old demanding to “Be a CAT! Be a CAT! A cat! Be a cat! Ple-e-e-ease???”

snazaroo halloween face paints 7

Sadly, the Cat was not a very good sitter, whiskers tickle when they’re painted, and silvery glitter noses and eyebrows don’t show up well in photos. But she was suitably happy and started prowling instantly.

It only took maybe 15 minutes to complete said Cat, but as I turned I yelped and knocked the paints on the floor. Said 11yr old had been plotting quietly with his Bumpa, and waved this in my face.
snazaroo halloween face paints 6

Grim, I know.

And it doesn’t look half as real in the photos as it did in real life. His Dad went white when he saw it unexpectedly. When he bent his finger the wound opened and appeared to bleed more… *gag*. He did that all himself, by the way. With a little patience I expect you could make some seriously terrifying wounds with this Special FX kit.

Once he was suitably gruesome he needed a face to match of course – I avoided looking at The Finger, and did a quick Werewolf, which began howling and chasing The Cat.

snazaroo halloween face paints 5

Finally packing up my paints, Jolly decides that actually he’d quite like a ‘do’ too. *sigh*. Not quite brave enough to go for something new, he opted for a repeat ‘Death Man’, which by now I was a dab hand at, and took a mere  minutes.

snazaroo halloween face paints 4

Okay, I may have rolled my eyes a little, but honestly – what a fab way to spend the afternoon. The grandparents loved watching and playing along, the paints lasted well past tea time, till party boy was home and sparklers were waved and Jack o’ Lantern pumpkins were lit.

snazaroo halloween face paints 2

Most important of all, it all washed off super-easily in a joint bath, and I had four fresh faced small people to pack off to school this morning. Not a slashed finger in sight.

snazaroo halloween face paints 1

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