Nifty accessories to pack for a beach holiday

Okay, so having learned my lessons the hard way, I’m putting this right here, right now. You might be heading off for some late sunshine at half term, or you might just want to stash this away ready for next year. Either way, here it is – my top tips for making sure that your next beach holiday you actually pack smart, and have everything you need :)

First up – all the basics have to be covered. You’ll need to include outfits for day and night; for the beach, poolside, dinner and drinks; for daily excursions; for shopping trips; and for the flight. You also need the practical items that you live with – toiletries, underwear and so on – and the all-important documents without which you won’t be going anywhere. This includes your passport and travel documents. If you need help with any of this, InStyle have a great holiday packing checklist.

However, before you jet off on that long-awaited beach holiday, wherever in the world it is, give some thought to some of the nifty accessories you could take which could prove invaluable while you’re away. Some of these are just very, very smart – and they won’t take up too much space in your luggage.

Portable charger and adaptor
Unless you’re planning to completely get away from everything on holiday, you’ll no doubt be taking your mobile phone and an iPod or tablet style device with you – these need to be charged. There are some smart portable chargers on the market these days, many of them priced modestly – check out this list on the Independent.


A fan – that sprays water
When you’re sizzling away nicely by the side of the pool or near the beach and need just a little refresh, what could be better than a handheld fan? Well… how about a handheld fan that also spurts out water for extra chill factor? It really is a thing, and they’re only a few quid – like this one.


A clever valuables holder
You’ll need the reassurance of something safe to store your valuables in when you’re away on holiday. In your hotel or apartment there’s usually the option of a safe in your room but what about when you’re out and about? Not so easy. That said, we love this ingenious creation, which is No.14 on the list – it’s a money/passport/room keys/mobile phone holder craftily disguised as a bottle of sun cream! Just be careful who you lend your lotion to.


Waterproof camera
If you’re on holiday, you need to take photos – how else can you upload them to social media and brag about what a brilliant time you’re having? You can use your mobile phone or a larger camera but there’s a potential problem. What if you’re near the sea, or pool, and drop it? What if it gets wet? A waterproof camera solves this challenge, allowing you to snap pics standing in the sea. If you’re a proud parent watching your child swim for the first time and want to record the moment, you’ll need one of these.
Floating Keyring
This is so simple, yet so clever. Imagine diving into the hotel swimming pool for an early morning dip – and then realising the keys to your room were still in the pocket of your shorts. Too late; you watch, crestfallen, as they sink to the foot of the pool. Or, even worse, it happens in the sea, and those keys fall to the bottom of the sea bed, swiftly submerged in sand. Can you find them? With a floating keyring, that panic could be a thing of the past as your keys will float merrily to the surface – best of all, most of the designs available don’t cost very much at all.

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