New Playmobil Fairies Range – Christmas Gift Guide

My 7yr old daughter is a small paradox – she loves to wear a frou-frou skirt, have her her long and free, and desperately wants to paint her nails (yeah, like I let THAT happen…). BUt while she’s wearing her fluffy tutu, she likes to be armed with a sniper rifle, or climbing a tree, or chasing her big brothers across a windy hilltop.

It’s one of the things I like most about her, actually – she’s utterly free of any kind of expectation on how she should be, and she’s totally free just… to be.

She’s not mad keen on ‘girls’ toys per se – too much pink switches her off, and dolls bore her silly. But she’s partial to some sparkle, adores animals, and she does love all things magical; so fairies and unicorns are IN.

And as if by magic, look at the new Playmobil range this year – it’s Fairies! Huzzah!
Better still, it’s not rammed to the hamster cheeks full of pink. It’s feminine and pretty and full of cute animals – but the fairies come in all shapes and sizes and colours. This is going to be her absolute favourite, I know it:

Food Fairy with Unicorn Morning Dew

Food Fairy with Unicorn Morning Dew

A purple-haired fairy in leggings with cool tattoos and a sparkling tattooed unicorn. Heaven.

And this bigger play set, the Healing Fairy Elixia in Animal Forest will keep her happy for hours – all those animals to make better! The goose with a bandaged neck has won my heart, let alone hers. With a  cauldron to mix potions up in, and her own magic animal hospital to work in, she’s be singing as she played (which she does quite a lot, to be fair).

Healing Fairy Elixia in Animal Forest

Healing Fairy Elixia in Animal Forest

The new Playmobil Fairies range is available direct from Playmobil, or from most good high street toy shops. Prices range from £7.99 for individual figures with a unicorn up to £30 for the largest set, the Fairy island with jewel Fountain.
By Playmobil standards these are all manageable sets with nothing too big or expensive. Which of course keeps them attainable for most parents – and easy to store too!

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 22.11.25

Fairy Island with Jewel fountain

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