*New* Nintendo 3DS Review – pre-release!

I love being a Nintendo Ambassador – we’re genuinely huge fans, and love the handheld consoles and the wii. But I do hit a slight issue when I’m reviewing.
Because *whispers* I have never actually played on a 3DS. Or a DSi, or DS, or GBA either. So telling you how fabulous the latest incarnation is frequently baffles me.
Thankfully, though, I do have a perfect solution, in the form of my home-grown Nintendo fanboy. Son no.1 (who turns 16 tomorrow) wrapped his fingers around his first Gameboy Colour when he was 5… and has had almost every generational evolution since.
original gameboy colour
Which is lucky for me – and lucky for you. Because he’s a literate sort of chap, and having him write and review for me means that you don’t get a whole heap of well-0meaning but empty waffle about how pretty things look, and instead get all the absolute essential info you genuinely need if you’re considering buying the next 3DS.

So I’m handing you straight over to him – here’s what he thought when he finally stopped excitedly squeaking about getting his hands on the not-yet-released 2015 version of the 3DS.

Nintendo has long been supplying us (children and adults alike) with hours of handheld entertainment with their fantastic range. Most people have owned at least ONE of their consoles at once point, whether it was the Original Gameboy, or the 3DS XL. Nintendo has just continued the line with a new console! The *New* 3DS. Although calling it a ‘new console’ is probably a stretch too far; it is more an improvement on an existing console.

new nintendo 3ds review 2015

The new 3DS has a range of new features; it has a second analogue stick called the “C Stick”, two new bumper buttons on its behind, an enhanced processor, which enables faster downloads, faster system boots and no lag at all! It now comes with amiibo support (amiibo’s are little models/toys which once placed on the touch screen, unlocks new content in the game, much like Skylanders). The 3D has been vastly improved, it is crisper, cleaner, and is far more comfortable to view. So all round, some great improvements!

new 3ds 2015 cover plates

LOVING the new range of cover plates!


Possibly the largest new feature is the addition of the replaceable cover plates. This allows you now to take off the cover plates of your system, whether they are black or white, and replace them with these really snazzy new plates! The system is so simple, it’s genius. The cover plates come in designs of all types, you can get wood finished Mario art, a giant green Luigi, a camo cover, pikachus galore and so many more! We got to get our hands on a few ourselves, and will be uploading our own review of them on the Littlestuff YouTube Channel.

Overall the new system is just… well – polished. With a lot of the new consoles that were released in the last 12 months being broken, bugged or having issues, it is refreshing to see a console getting it absolutely perfect before launch. It is such a finished product. And I personally adore it. You seriously cannot go wrong with Nintendo’s products, and this one happens to be one of my favourites to date.

To see it in action, watch the video below for our in depth video review and unboxing!

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  1. *Cough* Do get it right mother, I had an original Black and White Gameboy first! With contrast slider and all!

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