New Balance Cath Kidston Trainers? Oh yes. | Review

Yes. Really. New Balance Cath Kidston Trainers. New Balance trainers, in that fabulous ditsy floral (and oh-so-Cath Kidston) print.

Okay, so there’s two things you need to know about the latest collaboration between New Balance (makers of best trainers for kids, we personally think) and iconic Cath Kidston.
First – the almost-teen squeaked an “oh yes, they’re gorgeous, thanks!” when offered a pair to review.
That’s a win for any parent of this bloody awkward age, for a start. Because we all know and love that moment you indicate a potential new pair of shoes which meet all of YOUR criteria, only to be met with an irritated sigh, a ‘seriously?’ raised eyebrow and a general air of disdain.
Be honest; your kids probably won’t know who Cath Kidston is. But they’ll know a pretty something for their feet when they see it.

Second – they arrived, she slipped her feet in – and exclaimed “oooh, they’re comfy!”

My work here is done.

Honestly – I love them. And I’m pretty happy that for once there’s grown-up sizes too (although you need to be quick – they seem to disappear as fast as they appear on the website, so I’m guessing they sell out fast!). That ditsy floral print on my feet this summer? Yes, thanks, don’t mind if I do.

Bear’s actually wearing the New Balance 415 style, which is the women’s version. But the whole range, including the kid’s styles, can all be seen here – the very cutest of baby shoes right up to Junior (adult??) size 6.

new balance cath kidston trainers

The thing I love best about NB kids trainers is that they’re not really ‘kids’ trainers at all – they’re simply a smaller but equally as grown-up take on the adult range, each one incorporating the same cutting-edge trainer technology for shoes that are actually built to last. That includes the foam midsole for cushioning, and the arch support systems for hard-wearing comfort all day long.

LittleStuff review trainers teenager
Good Lord can her legs get ANY longer? She was little and cute once… Also – nice shoes.

They’re light on the feet, they fit perfectly (you also get half-sizes, so on soft bones in fast-growing feet you can make sure that they’re in the right pair), and you can choose for easy-access velcro or teach-them-to-do-them lace ups. Plus, y’know. Cath Kidston print. PRETTY FEET!

(and if you fancy the chance of winning a pair, just click here; we’ve got two kids pairs available in a competition right NOW!)

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