Netflix Stream Team – Musicals For A Wet Summer Holiday

Netflix_StreamTeam_Badge_zpsf5fbdef1Looking out the window it’s hard to believe it’s the ‘summer’ holidays, isn’t it? Facing a very wet bank holiday, our plans are feeling a  lot more autumnal than i had originally expected – instead of a picnic and some stargazing, we’ll be curling up in front of a film or two with some TV snacks and a couple of rugs.

Time to continue the children’s education into some old musical family favourites, I think.

First up on the suggested play list?




The Muppets. Three of the children have seen it with various friends, and *I* want to see it too, dammit. So this is first on my Rainy Day Watching list – and I shall insist on a rousing chorus of “Man or Muppet”, too.






Sister Act. Oh, you can’t ever get enough Whoopi Goldberg, and this fi;m is so flippin’ perfect. Doesn’t matter that the fashions of the film will seem so dated to my almost-teens (HOW can it possibly be 20 years old? That’s practically ‘vintage’!). It’s a timeless classic, and one they’ll not only sing along to, but will a great big happy smile on the whole family’s face.




Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 09.51.23


Lastly, one for when the youngest is in bed, I think we’ll watch 10 Things I Hate About You. Yes, I know, it’s not really a musical. But Heath Ledger loudly singing his terrible way through the sports stands is an iconic teen flick moment, and I just know my older boys will love this movie – and at the same time it discusses a few valuable life lessons which have a way of seeping into their sub-conscious way more effectively than a conversation with a parent will do.
Essential viewing.




How about you? What’s your favourite Family musical for a rainy afternoon?

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