The Triton T80Z Review – The Easy Replacement Shower

I know, a T80Z review may not be the most exciting thing you’ll read today. I get it. BUT. That’s up until the point you need a shower replacement, pronto. Because the problem with your shower breaking (apart from the wails of horror from the incumbent suddenly being doused in icy water) is figuring out what new one you can get.
Because not all showers are made equal – and that’s exactly where Triton’s T80Z steps up as a fast-fit replacement shower. Because it doesn’t really matter which side your connections are – it’ll just fit.

I mean, it’s not like you have to worry about this yourself – you won’t actually be fitting it, you’ll be calling a plumber for that job. Please don’t attempt to do this yourself.

But what you can do is have the right shower ready and waiting to be installed.

And the day you get a shiny new shower that won’t dribble scalding-freezing-scalding water on you is definitely a Good Day.

Here’s the blurb on the new one: “The T80Z Fast-Fit is a great replacement shower. Multiple cable and water entry points located to the left and right side of the unit ensure easy fitting.”

See? It’s even sold on the basis that it’ll just… fit.

And don’t take our word for it – we’ve never fitted a showerr in our loves. But our plumber’s fitted them a time or two (-hundred), and he told us that it’s a great replacement shower, as it’s a pretty universal fit; no re-tiling is needed. Which is doubly ace. We want a bathroom makeover, but funds are not allowing it quite yet – and a new shower is an urgent necessity in a house of six, three of whom are stinky teens.


Triton T80Z review

I’ll admit it – the first stage of fitting is a little alarming. It looks a horrible mess that will never all fit, leave great gaping holes in my bathroom wall, and not produce anything remotely showery.

But before you know it, everything slots into place…
And as if by magic, a shiny new shower appears.

Our aged hot water system being what it is, we still don’t have the magnificent hotel-shower jets that I dream of. But it’s warm, it doesn’t freeze, it doesn’t scald… and best of all, it works!

The Start/Stop Button is great for ‘Set & Forget’ showering, meaning the younger children can shower by themselves as the temperature is already good to go.

The huge 5-Spray Pattern Shower Head is rub-clean, essential in our hard water area; jet nozzles collect limescale fast, but rub the soft rubber nozzles and the limescale breaks up and falls away easily. It has a really nice waterfall effect, and the ‘power’ setting is pretty good even on our duff water supply.

The shower head holder on the rail kit is a little cumbersome – up and down angle of the head is a ratchet click, and there’s no way of angling the head to either side. But that’s a simple thing to fix with an replacement arm as and when you wish to.

You can find all the technical info you (or your plumber…) will need on the Triton site here, and you can find them for sale in most major retailers for around the £110 price point, depending on your kW choice.

But the takeaway for the T80Z review? Buy it.
I mean, it’s not winning any astonishing design awards for its modern brilliance – it looks like what it is, a perfectly ordinary, simple, straightforward family bathroom shower. But you can pretty much guarantee it will fit your exisiting shower’s fittings, which means zero bathroom re-modelling required. And it’s apparently super-easy to install too, which should mean your plumber fees are kept to a basic call out fee. Win-win!

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