Neal’s Yard Baby Barrier Cream. EVERY house needs it.

Honestly – I’m a bit of a bore on this. Neal’s Yard Baby Barrier Cream is one of my top ‘new baby’ gifts; this little blue pot is an essential in any house. 

Neal's Yard Baby Barrier Cream

Most Mum’s prefer anything that goes near their babies to be as additive-free as possible. So it’s no surprise that we love the Neal’s Yard range either! Natural products, beautifully packaged… of course we love them. But surprisingly, our favourite products of theirs are probably the most mundane.

Having at least one tub of zinc ointment in the house is one of those necessities you only discover when you have a baby. It’s just one of life’s little secrets that every parent knows and the childless will never understand. And Neal’s Yard Baby Barrier cream is our very favourite of them all.

It is a thick, smooth cream, that adheres to the skin, but feels like it really will sink in once the nappies on, instead of just coating the nappy.

It doesn’t dry tender bottoms, and at the first sign of redness a quick smooth of the white stuff leaves them pink and soft by the next nappy change.

Pot of Neal's Yard Baby Barrier Cream

But this little blue tub of magic is WAY more than just The Bottom Stuff (fab though that is). I’ve applied it to teenager’s longboarding-sore scraped knees, and middle-aged chapped hands. It never fails. And its place in my heart was sealed after I had my caesarean – this was the ONLY thing that worked on my scar, helping to heal the last area which refused to clean itself up – and it kept my scar free of soreness until it was fully healed over.

Neal’s Yard Baby Barrier Cream is one tub that should be in your gift package to every new mum. Really. No nursery should be without it.

Buy the Neal’s Yard Baby Barrier Cream direct for £8 a tub. And yes, like all posts of really good stuff, it lasts for AGES.

Ingredients; Sunflower oil*, glycerin, zinc oxide, beeswax*, Roman chamomile oil*, citronellol, geraniol, limonene, linalool.
*Organically produced ingredient.

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