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When it comes to dressing your baby, the most important thing to remember is that simplicity is essential. Whatever it is you are buying, whether every day or for a special occasion, look for easy access wear that is soft and comfortable. Select easy to slip-on bottoms and for tops and one-piece items worn next to the skin, look for snaps rather than buttons and zips. This not only simplifies the nappy changing process, it also prevents baby from accidentally being injured by the zip during a hurried or awkward positioned moment. Everyday items should be purchased in sets; generally five to seven is sufficient; babies are messy and changes will be frequent, so having plenty of day wear on hand means fewer trips to the laundry.

It is also important to remember that babies grow quickly. Whatever you buy now will need to be replaced within a few weeks! While it may be tempting to buy higher ticket items, doing so can result in needless expenditure. Having cool baby clothes does not mean you have to go broke; select quality basics and save the splurge for special occasions.

Here are a few of the essentials you will need:

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Bodysuits and T-shirts
Bodysuits and T-shirts are the staple of the baby-clothing world; the perfect thing to have on hand when baby is brought home for the first time. Usually sold in packs of three and up, bodysuits are snap on one-piece items available in long sleeved, short sleeved and sleeveless varieties. Selecting basic white bodysuits make getting stains out easier and because they are inexpensive, once they become too stained or threadbare, they can be easily replaced with new ones.

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Babies sleep a lot, typically 18 hours a day on average, so sleepwear is an important part of the baby’s wardrobe. During warmer seasons, one-piece cotton sleepers with closed bottoms are an excellent choice. In winter months, choose heavier weight sleep suits, which have footed legs.

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An assortment of hats, socks and shoes
When taking baby on an outing, you will need a hat and socks and/or shoes to protect their heads and feet. During warmer weather, cool baby clothes include sun hats, light cotton hats and soft baby baseball caps that are perfect for keeping their heads protected. For Winter, select warm beanies and hats with earflaps and ties or buttons to ensure they stay put. Shoes should be selected for comfort rather than purely for style.

Selecting outerwear can be something of a challenge; uncomfortably hot or cold babies can get mightily frustrated and will soon let you know about it. When selecting outerwear, think in layers; that way, minor adjustments can be made to ensure baby is comfortable. Zip-up hoodies and light cotton jackets are good warm weather choices, while easy to get on and off heavier Winter jackets are essential for the colder months. Snowsuits are also a practical idea; they generally come with attached feet and sewn-on mittens.

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