M&P magic astro bouncer review

I’ll be honest. When I first got the Astro Cradle. I was not enthused. I really thought it was all a little too much, and I was sure my little one would not give a hoot about a cradle I could attach an iPod too, or one that vibrates, or one which has flashing lights, or different tunes…. or one that did all of that and more.

But I was wrong.
She loves it.
Like proper loves it.
In fact, she finds it hilarious. She sits in it kicking her legs and getting terribly excited. If we play with her and encourage her to the pull on the hanging charactors, she stops dead and tries to work out where the new noises have come from, and you can see her face change as she discovers new things. And I love it for that.

I also love the fact the iPod can be plugged in to it; we have actually created her her very own playlist, which is a godsend as listening to the same usual baby tunes time and time again can drive you to insanity.

It’s easy to put together, easy to use, and very light … always a bonus. I did struggle turning off the vibrations, but that’s because I don’t read instructions. Apparently what you need to do is push and hold the button. Duh. My little one is at that stage where she wants to be sitting up all the time, so the cradle has not only been a source of entertainment but has also fulfilled that need. It’s far more than just your average chair, and yes I’d agree with the ‘ultimate entertainment system for little babies’ tag…

We definitely approve.

This Cradle is no longer available but there are many other lovely cradles from Mamas & Papas see here there website


Author: Laura

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  1. I’ve now had one for six months and am currently on my third bouncer. The first one was replaced due to the harness breaking, the second was replaced due to the very weak plastic supports underneath breaking. I think this deserves a low score not only because of this but also because of the price – £130 is alot of money and i would expect this bouncer to last ALOT longer than it has, bear in mind i still have a Mamas aand Papas vibrating chair from 9 years ago which was used by two babies and is still usable. Not recommended – don’t buy.
    By the way, Mamas and Papas refused to print this on their site, guess they don’t like honest reviews.

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