Mission Deli Wrap’s ‘A Lunch Less Ordinary’ – Challenge #1 Make a Den.

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We were pretty excited to be asked to take part in Mission Deli Wrap’s ‘A Lunch Less Ordinary”  blogger challenge.

And no, not just because the prizes are pretty cool.

Lunch is always… a chore, quite frankly. I’m trying to fit in running a business as well as homeschooling four different aged children. Lunch itself always sneaks up on me, and hungry children start prowling LONG before I’m ready to take a break to feed them. So making lunch ‘Less Ordinary’ doesn’t frequently figure high on my day-to-day priority list, which is a shame, as eating together as a family is one of our favourite times of the day.

So we embraced the challenge with enthusiasm (the children’s enthusiasm level would suggest my lunch offerings are even more dull than I thought), and we’ve decided to let the children take charge make it a family effort. So – this week’s challenges?

1)     Make an indoor camp for you and your little ones to enjoy an adventurous lunch in – that could be fun.
2)    Make lunch for your neighbour – either at work or at home! Hmmm… neighbours all work, and we’re not organised enough to take it to them.
3)    How many ways can you eat a tomato – inspired by La Tomatina, we challenge you to use tomatoes in every lunch you make this week (different each day!). Two children do not eat tomatoes. This could have been a fun challenge especially for them, but as we didn’t examine our options properly until Thursday, we were a bit late on this one. #Oops.
4)    Put the kids in charge of lunch for a week. Great idea – but see point 3. #Oops. *makes note to start earlier next week.

So – making a Den it is.

First up – we had the children draw up some designs for us…

childrens den plans

Hmmm. Sturdy silk walls, floors made of popcorn, ceilings draped in candy, and tents big enough for five different sports. Time to educate on logistics, available materials, and time scales…

So – after another planning meeting, we jumped to it, and this is what we came up with…

Do note the ferocious wild creature ambling through camp on numerous occasions. And the 6yr old’s marvellous jig to fill a quiet spot in the build. It’s hard to make out on the video (entirely filmed by Boy, who’s 12, and edited by No.1, who’s 14), but they had tropical jungle sound splaying – including crickets and thunderstorm, and the nice touch of the camp fire-on-a-tablet was genius, I thought

Filling the tent wasn’t too hard a job, though Pink  did hire 10 yr old Jolly to be her fetch-and-carry-ier.

mission deli wraps den 1

Very nice brotherly touch of sparkly butterflies in amongst the camouflage.

Camp Fire - it crackled and everything - she LOVED.

No.1’s genius Camp Fire – it crackled and everything – Pink LOVED it, and don’t worry, Cheeky Monkey was warned most severely not to get too close.

LUNCH. Cream cheese and cucumber wraps, cherry tomatoes, cheese triangle and orange slices.

LUNCH. Cream cheese and cucumber wraps, cherry tomatoes, cheese triangle and orange slices.

Solo Camp Lunch was soon invaded, however. It just goes to show that you're never to old to build... or play in... a den

Solo Camp Lunch was soon invaded, however. It just goes to show that you’re never to old to build… or play in… a den

In the end, the lunch den lasted for hours, only being dismantled to facilitate dinner. And there already more plans afoot for a bigger better version to seat FOUR next time…

(and also will remember next time to check position of camera, and not plant my lard-arse right in front of it for large proportion of project… *sigh* )

The winner’s of this week’s challenge will be announced on Wednesday on the Mission Deli facebook page  – www.facebook.com/MissionWrapsUK wish us luck!

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  1. Well done on winning week 1 of “lunch less ordinary”. Some interesting options for week 2

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