Mission Deli Wrap’s ‘A Lunch Less Ordinary’ – Challenge #3 ‘What’s In That Wrap’ – the Quiz Show.

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It’s Sunday night, so here we are again, desperately trying to upload the finished ‘Lunch Less Ordinary’ challenge, NO.1 son having given up his Sunday evening to editing it. Again.

We have been LOVING these challenges – the children took on the competition with enthusiasm, and every week have amazed us with their skill and geniosity.

This week was different however. This week they felt they had to really pull something out do the bag to top the Wrap Rap

The challenges for Week 3?

1)      Theme your lunch on a different country each day for a week. For inspiration, check out our facebook page for some of our new recipes themed around the different exotic destinations you can win as part of our Lunch Less Ordinary Promotion – link   
2)    Put unusual flavours together in a wrap and get the kids to eat them blindfolded. They need to guess what the weird but it works flavours are. Best of 3 ‘what’s that wrap’ wins! And whatever their favourite is goes in Monday’s lunchbox. Yum!
3)    Make a wrap based on your favourite book or film – e.g. The Italian Job – Green Rocket, White Mozzarella and Red Tomatoes
4)    Can you make a ‘free lunch’? We’ll send you some wraps as a starting point and then ask friends and family to donate one item each and see what you can create – the weirder the better! ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’

This time there was no instantly obvious choice. We wanted to do the taste test challenge – but how to make it interesting and fun? What woudl be fun for us to do would probably not be fun for anyone else to watch.

Then the husband came up with a twist to how it could work – which the children immediately whooped at, and we were sold. The big change this week is that we actually had to join in too – no hiding for us, we’re front and centre, there was simply no avoiding it.

Once again, the finished product was landed squarely in No.1’s lap, and copious mugs of tea were supplied while he worked and flailed against software crashes and file losses and wifi dropouts. It’s been a stressful few hours for him.

But finally, here it is.

‘What’s In That Wrap’ – the Quiz Show.





Game Show Host Extraordinaire Randolph – Daddy
Menu & Glamorous Assistant Veronica – Mummy
Marvellous Contestants – Boy, Jolly & Pink
Videography, editing and all manner of Unknown Technical Magic – No.1

The winner’s of this week’s challenge will be announced on Wednesday on the Mission Deli facebook page  – www.facebook.com/MissionWrapsUK wish us luck!

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