Mission Deli Wrap’s ‘A Lunch Less Ordinary’ – Challenge #2 Write a Wrap Rap.

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We were absolutely thrilled to have won last week’s Lunch Less Ordinary challenge with our den building (and please note, I seriously under-sold No.1’s contribution with the video editing – he spent ages creating the fabulous finished video from our dodgy den-building technique. He told me that one passing mention of his efforts did not cut it. At some – justifiably – indignant length), and naturally the win made the children seriously motivated to take on this week’s challenge.

We waited eagerly for the mail to arrive, and there was an immediate emergency family conference when it landed so that I could read out the options:

1)     Mini ‘wrappers’ – get the kids to make up the lyrics to a ‘wrap’ about their lunch
2)    Have lunch in a less ordinary location!  Send us your photos collage at the end of the week!
3)    Have lunch in your own mini mardi gras – check out the images we’ve sent you as inspiration!
4)    Lunchtime less ordinary bus tour.  Take some wraps and go enjoy the sights of your local area

No hesitation. No question. The vote was instantaneous and unanimous: a Wrap Rap it was.

Perfect – we had No Clue. I simply handed the project entirely to the children, and let them go.

Jolly (10) and Pink (6) spent a whole day crafting the lyrics.
Boy (12) spent the same time creating the backing track (teaching himself the digital music software in the process).
No.1 donned his headphones and carefully ignored them all – he knew his time would come when the ‘finished’ project was ready and waiting to be… um… finished.

The rehearsing went on… and on… and on. Oh how we all grew to loathe love that tune.

Finally they felt that all the parts were ready. The performance ‘crew’ and I grabbed a box of dressing up props and video-ed a performance, whilst the husband played Dolly Grip to No.1’s direction for the stop motion animation.

And then No.1 was passed a neat little folder of files – the video clips (*cough* 27 of them…), the backing track audio files, the images for the stop motion, another audio file with just their voices on (and yes, he had to teach us all how to do that). Then I passed him a LARGE mug of tea, smiled sweetly and left him to his magic.

This is the magic that happened…

I know. I was so proud of them all that I nearly burst.

Lyrics – Jolly & Pink
Music – Boy
Performance – Boy, Jolly & Pink
Animation – No.1
Video creation, editing and all manner of Unknown Technical Magic – No.1

The winner’s of this week’s challenge will be announced on Wednesday on the Mission Deli facebook page  – www.facebook.com/MissionWrapsUK wish us luck!

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